It’s Not Complicated

Have you noticed that almost anything one buys has some directions?  Yesterday I was using a gift certificate some one gave me.  I wanted a new top for the summer, and when I found what I thought I wanted, I made one last look before I bought:  the washing instructions.  First, I couldn’t find them, them remembered that most tagless items now have the instructions on a tag on the side seam.  How could washing one top be so complicated!  Water temperature, detergent approved, drying–right side out or inside out, line dry or automatic dryer.  Wow!

Life, too, has complicated days.  We have so many folks who depend on us and they come with complications.  One is always cheerful, one is always grumpy, one smells wonderful, one always has messy hair.  Yes.  We all are individuals.  What is not complicated is our “road guide.”

Reading the Bible is not complicated.  You may think so, but it really is not.  Don’t try to read it all in a day, or a week, or even a year as some suggest.  Take it in small segments.  The very first step is simple.  1.  Recognize you are a sinner.  2.  Take the plan for eternal life by faith.  Done.  Now you will read the Bible in a whole new way and it will be living under the guidance of the Good Shepherd as the subtitle on this blog suggests.

Life is an adventure.  The only way to face it is head on.


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