The Whole Enchilada

Some time ago the whole enchilada was used in a slang way meaning, you want or received the whole of something.  You have the main part and all of the attachments.  Sort of like a vacuum cleaner with on-board attachments. For more than 20 years I had an upright vacuum cleaner without attachments.  Since it just kept sucking dirt, crumbs, and dust, I didn’t replace it.  When it finally lost it ability to pick up debris, I sent my son-in-law with money and permission to purchase a new one with “bells and whistles.”  The whole enchilada.

For some people, attending church service is like my old vacuum cleaner.  It does the job, but no extra stuff.  They sing the congregational songs out of duty but the words really don’t say much to them.  They bow their heads in prayer, but not really their hearts.  When the choir sings, they snooze.  When the preaching get loud, the get alarmed but don’t know why.  And here’s the clincher:  when the preaching comes to a sobering tone and apparently is over, they close their Bible, put it in the cover, and ZIP, ZIP, ZIP.  For some, actually, they go to church so they can go home.

Does any of that sound as if I have been following you to church?

Then change.  Attend church because you can!  Sing with joy and gusto!  Let the words of the spoken prayers grip your heart and soul.  Absorb the Word of God as it is preached.  And don’t ZIP, ZIP, ZIP until the music sounds for the recessional.



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  1. This is how church used to be for me–going through the motions and I had a cold heart. So thankful that God awakened my heart to His love. It seems like that day was the first day of really living for me.

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