The Mailman

Presently I live in an older section of town where the mail is delivered by a mailman who has the leather bag full of mail and hoofs the mail right to our box by the door.  If I lived outside of town, I would have to walk down the driveway and get the mail.  When I was a child on the farm, our mailbox was a half mile away where a row of three boxes stood along with ours.

This morning I saw the mailman across the street as I passed by my window.  He was dressed for the weather as he usually dresses.  He has clothes for every climate.  He is the friendly sort of mail man.  If I happen to be outdoors, he always greets me.  He reminds me of Fred, from the book The Fred Factor.  He is always upbeat and the first time he called me by name while I was pulling weeds, it actually intimidated me at first because it seemed a little forward.

The Holy Spirit is our mailman.  Jesus left the disciples and they were so sad when He announced that he was leaving, but Jesus promised them a Comforter.  The Holy Spirit would teach them.  When we open the Holy Word of God, the Holy Spirit is attentive to our needs.  As any good teacher, He is aware of the

“. . .thoughts and intents of the heart.”  In the margin of my Bible I have written beside Hebrews 4:12 (critic of my heart).

If I allow it, take the time to read it (even if just a small portion) the Holy Spirit becomes the mailman of the message God left with us: the completed Word of God.  He distributes the mail, good, bad, and in between. He knows my name. He knows my address.  Best of all, He knows my needs.

Embrace your Holy Spirit teacher and accept the messages He delivers.  He never delivers junk.



  1. I’m glad I found you! Been meaning to do this for a long time, but somehow the days just slipped on by. . . .since you commented on my post today, I had a link to finding you, and now I’m following you :))

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