That Little Spark

           The healthy hum of the trim mower came to a sudden choking halt under the unruly branches of the forsythia bush.  Since I had already mowed the ditch and other trim, I assumed it was out of gas.  The trim job actually looked good enough to quit so I just pushed the mower into the garage and parked it.  Now I could just bump along on the rider to cut the open space of the yard.

Then Lindsey, my trusty mower mechanic, called to let me know that my turn in line had come up and he could pick up the mower for its seasonal maintenance.  It is May.  Would I let him have both mowers at the same time?

He might not get my rider back in time for the next mowing. I needed the little push one “just in case” (while all the time I crossed my fingers that I would not have to walk behind and push mow my whole yard).  Seven days later, with no word from Lindsey, I gassed up the mower for the huge job ahead of me.  Pull after pull, the mower refused to start.  My kind neighbor across the street observed the struggle and offered me his mower.  How could I refuse?  Sit on that nice new John Deereâ with the 38” cut—why yes, that was a wonderful offer!  So, around and around I drive getting as close to trees and bushes as I dare and in what seemed no time, I was driving Jimmy’s mower back into his garage.  Now, back to what could be causing my little red mower not to start.  Carefully I tipped it up to see if piece of a branch could be blocking the blade.  Not so, but then I see it!  Aha!  The spark plug is disconnected!  One simple connection and Whrrrr, I am in business.

That little spark made all the difference.  How many times, I wondered, do we pull and struggle through the conundrums of life without the fire we need?  We get that spark we need through personal time with the Word of God.  We allow others to spark our attitudes that make us productive.  Like my neighbor, we are accountable as a spark to someone else.  My encouraging word can become the spark that allows empowerment for what looks to someone else an insurmountable task.

Job spoke of death as a time when the spark is put out (18:5) and the time of encouraging is over.  The Psalmist challenges me “to number my days so that I may apply my heart to wisdom.” (90:12) Wisdom to spark others.  Give confidence to others so that together we will make a difference to our surrounding friends, family, neighbors, and in general, community.  How about it?  Do you need a spark?  Can you emit a spark?  Together, you and me, let’s “fire” the world around us.



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  1. Mandy Dawson

    What an awesome post! Glad your neighbor offered up his mower. The fire of God’s love is so unyielding that many flames cannot quench it. That is just the kind of love that I need to encounter every day to keep my heart alive! Thanks for the reminder.

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