Partly right, Partly Wrong

A few weeks into his presidency, President Obama made what some commentators have dubbed, “an apology tour” on which he visited several nations in the world. On those occasions he repeated a campaign statement that has raised the ire of many Americans. According to, on June 28, 2006 in a campaign speech said: “we are no longer a Christian nation. . .”  I watched the YouTube snippet of that speech recently.  To be fair, many media outlets did not quote him exactly because he was attempting to prove that our country is not made of only Christians.  True.  Upon listening on further, however, I was even more shocked to hear him say, and I quote:  “. . . or should we stick to the Sermon on the Mount which is so radical that I doubt that our Department of Defense would survive its application.”

Really?  Radical is describing the Sermon on the Mount?  When I read Matthew 5, 6, 7, I hardly find that radical.  I wonder if Mr. Obama has ever read it. The Sermon on the Mount is nitty-gritty everyday thinking and living.  Obviously, it is Christian as it was delivered by Jesus, the author of my faith, to his chosen followers as they embarked on a three-year journey with the Saviour.  The Beatitudes are so practical even children can understand them.

Back to the original quote I mentioned regarding our nation’s population.  We do have a nation of diversity in religion.  It is the right, according to our first amendment in that document called the Constitution that the government of America should not and cannot control personal religion.  Citizens of America can practice their religious faith without fear of government control.  The problem of Mr. Obama’s statement is not the concrete words.  It is the implication of the statement.  When I watched the speech, I saw a look of arrogance that spoke volumes.  He went on to state that modern times make it necessary to rethink our approach to faith and government.  That’s a downright scary thought.

The word, Christian, to one person, is not the same definition to another person.  It is mistaken for the word, denomination.  This definition has had problems since the Early Church.  There is nothing new in the misunderstanding.  Those who understand the Biblical definition will continue to be a thorn in the flesh of those who refuse to truly investigate the Word of God for themselves. I challenge you to read it for yourself—all of it.  You will not find the Sermon on the Mount radical but you will find it refreshing.



  1. Mandy Dawson

    It is saddening that many Christians today find the Sermon on the Mount to be too radical and believe that it is impossible to live in those ways, so it becomes a very over looked portion of scripture.

    • I must admit, I was venting when I wrote that post! What he meant by “radical” and what we know as radical are two differenct things. I fear that our President just does not know much Truth and unfortunately, many of his followers do not either. Many times today (it is primary election in IN today) I’ve been thinking and even praying that those who stand for right and the media depicts as a minority will be a David facing Goliath. We know who won. 🙂

  2. Mandy Dawson

    And as for Obama–I guess I do think the Sermon on the Mount is radical and only because it IS impossible to live in that manner without the indwelling and empowering of the Holy Spirit. But with the Spirit–it is not only life changing, but it is world changing and it’s too bad that more people, Obama included, don’t see that.

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