Cat Tracks

I wrote this eleven years ago when I was living in Tennessee.  At that time I had a cat named DC (because he was one of a litter born at my church’s DayCare–Daycare Cat.  DC)  The local newspaper for Sevier County published it kindly in their Saturday religious section. 

Some years ago my dear friend, Margaret, challenged me to learn from life around me.  Today was a classic “life around you” classroom.  The guest room was ready for paint.  My goal:  get all of the trim painted today and finish the room on Monday.  Murphy’s law came into force, however, and instead, the paint ended up in places other than the walls.

As it will happen, the minute one is on top of the stepladder, the phone rings.  The startle of the phone caused a minor blob of paint on the wheels of the edger gizmo. It seemed an easy task to just wash it off and start anew.  That is, until one adds a cat.

Being curious, as a cat’s nature is, DC, my chubby fur-faced friend, investigated the paint pan.  Not liking the stuff at all, he dashed out of the room leaving sky blue tracks across the carpeting and spilt paint on, thankfully, the newspaper.  I quickly snatched up the cat which added sky blue to my shirt and arm.  Cat and I visited the paper towel dispenser and then I plunked him into the garage.  Moving quickly now to get the sky blue off the beige carpeting, my walls were left behind.

Then, I commenced on to the cat who would at least need a foot washing.  Silly me.  The cat has now walked all over my red car.  It is now red with sky blue dots.  The car gets a quick wipe off and a promise of a good car wash later.  DC is now a gray cat with a blue belly and a sad face.  The “classroom” now began to form in my quieting heart.

I wonder: “Do I leave footprints of faith where ever I go?”  An assertive witness sometimes even annoys those around them.  (As the blue spots are annoying me.) The Scripture he quotes and the Scriptural lifestyle a serious soulwinner displays is not easy to dismiss.  The Holy Spirit will do His work, but we are responsible to leave “tracks” where ever we go.  Everyday.  All day.

“How beautiful are the feet of them that preach the gospel of peace and bring glad tidings of good things.” Romans 10:15


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