In the Weeds

Strawberries: sweet, juicy, plump, mouth-watering goodness! Last year I planted a small bed of strawberries.  I knew getting fruit off of them would not happen the first season.  However, I hoped for a few berries this year.  Well, maybe not.  They are “in the weeds.”  Perhaps it is the weeds in them?  One more pulling and I will have a clean bed, at least for awhile.

So it is with us.  The expression, “lost ball in the weeds” is fairly descriptive.  When one stumbles around without direction, without ambition, without a sense of responsibility, then that person is truly in the weeds.  The youth of today’s culture tend to be aimless.  Some of them have ambition and sometimes it goes into good causes.  They study and get good grades; they find jobs to do that give them some money.  Babysitting, dog walking, washing cars, cutting grass are all noble jobs for youthful energy. Other youth play video games endlessly and do not even see that they could vacuum the floor, take out the trash, or fold laundry—and do it all without being asked.

Christians can be aimless.  They attend church.  They sing.  They help neighbors.  Yet they do not open their Bibles in between Sundays.  They help a neighbor but do not question that person’s destiny into eternity.

What is lacking is passion.  I like strawberries and if I am going to reap a crop of luscious fruit, I need a passion to keep the weeds out.  However, I can also let the weeds grow by neglect and indifference.  Most importantly is a passion for those whom we see on a daily, weekly basis.  A passion for telling others the way to Heaven comes only by deliberately tending to God’s Word.

Is your passion on the golf course, at the ballgame, at the scrapbooking table, or at the concert?  It is wonderful to do things with passion.  Above all, our passion for souls must never diminish.  If it has gone astray, go after it!  It’s in the weeds.

Herbert Tovey, a Moody Bible Student in the early 1900’s wrote the lyrics to “Give me a Passion for Souls” and it was set to music by Foss Luke Fellers sometime between 1910-1924. It was the longing of Tovey’s heart to have a constant concern for the souls around him. (I found this information on a wordpress blog called wordwisehymns.  The author might like it if you linked to his blog:

If you once had a passion to see individuals from your family, work place, neighborhood, and community come to Christ as personal Saviour, but somehow that passion is lost in the weeds, you can get it back.  Let Jesus help you clean out those weeds so that you can bear productive fruit for the Kingdom. Proverbs 11:30 states “The fruit of the righteous is a tree of life, and he that winneth souls is wise.”



  1. Glenda

    Excellent point made! Thank you for sharing, and I hope you get some strawberries soon!

  2. Thought-provoking, Karyl. We take care of whatever we’re passionate about.

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