The Yard Sale

It used to be called a “Rummage Sale” and folks who dressed their families with rummage sale clothing were deemed poor indeed.  That was back in the late 1940’s when I was a child.  My mother sewed her clothes and mine on a foot treadle sewing machine rather than shop at rummage sales.  Then something changed and rummage turned into “garage” sales, and if one did not have a garage or carport, it turned into a “yard sale.”  Eventually my Mom enjoyed going to yard and garage sales, but she called them rummage sales anyhow.

Large department stores in the city, such as Dayton’s and Macy’s had tables in the bargain  basement with very reasonable prices and usually a table marked “rummage.”  That table was always a mess because folks pawed through to find a size or something that might coordinate; thus, the term:  rummage.

The business of outgrown or “gently used” items are now destined for the yard sale or to a consignment shop.  These are no longer looked down upon, but rather, they considered by savvy shoppers to be real bargains.

Jesus redeemed me from the rummage of sin, and made me a new creature in Christ. I was rumpled, a soiled piece of goods as far as outsiders could see.  But Jesus called me His workmanship, created in Christ unto good works.”  (Ephesians 2:10)  When I get to thinking too highly of myself, I must be reminded that I am just rummage.  Ah, but my Redeemer loved me, bought me, and establishes my goings.  That’s why I live In the Shepherd’s Presence.



  1. Glenda

    Our own righteousness is truly as filthy rags, compared to the perfection we have in Christ! Thank you for this great reminder. I’m eternally thankful to Him for seeing my need for a Savior and giving Himself for me. Thank you, Lord!

  2. Love the application, Karyl.

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