Chicken or Fish?

Yesterday I ate lunch with my daughter and her family.  The grandchildren range in age from 16 years old to 2 years old.  It is always an interesting table at which to sit.  We had “pulled” pork as the meat.  After lunch, I helped Kevin (16) put away the food and he mentioned putting away the chicken.  “Chicken?” I asked.   He replied that he guessed it was pork.  “Everything is chicken to me.” he added.

When he was very young, his mom and the other grandmother told him that fish was chicken so that he would eat it.  You know, chicken nuggets, fish nuggets—they do look similar.  Deb admits now that maybe she ruined his sense of taste and regrets the deception.

Let’s categorize that as a subtle deception.  Satan deceives people very frequently.  He tells us to wait when we should not wait, and to hurry and worry when we should rest and trust.  Another of his tricks is to tells us that “One time won’t hurt,” when it most certainly can hurt.  Those one-time temptations can lead to a long path of destruction.

While Kevin tends to call everything chicken, he does know the difference and is now just “rubbing in” the guilt his mother feels.  Satan is never playful with his deceptions.  Indeed, as I Peter 5:8 warns:  “Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour.”  He is no kitty in the neighborhood.  Watch out for those deceptions.



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  1. Glenda

    Oh, so very true! Thank you for this timely reminder. We MUST not let our guard down! How many innocent people have been killed by drunk drivers who thought that “just this one drink” would not impair them?!? I’m sure most of us have examples from our own lives that bring us heartache, and we are most thankful that God will always give us another chance to do the right thing. Hopefully, we will recognize the truth when we are faced with a choice.

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