Educational Socialism

Earlier this week I wrote of a striking clock that no longer sounded.  It looked like a clock, the pendulum moved, but it neither struck nor gave the hour of the day.  It is disheartening to find empty Christians who go only through the motions and never really capture the joy of the Lord.   That point surfaced again this morning as I spent time with a friend at a local restaurant for breakfast.

Our focus this morning was on the current educational system in our State of Indiana.  She teaches in a local county school and I observe what is happening as I keep up with educational issues for tutoring purposes.  Neither of us, I found, are in excited support of the new trend in 21st Century Education.  The world about us is now so global visioned that our educational system is now also taking on a focus that is far more communal than individual.

Recently I was allowed into an open forum in my county’s move into Project Bases Learning.  If you see something in communication on education that is dubbed, PBL, that is what they are referring to.  Project Bases Learning is a form of group education.  The students are put into groups of 4-6 members and are assigned projects that reflect the subject matter.  Most schools are starting with science.  While they claim to give grades according to the participation of each individual in the group, I see the group as actual peer teaching.  Two teachers are assigned a room of up to 50 students.  Each teacher moves around the room giving individual instructions.

Both my friend, and myself, wonder about the supposed glowing reports of such classrooms.  These forums have to be “cherry picking” results to use in forum lectures.  What I wonder is the socialism view that is being infused into individual education by this method.  We move to a “for the better good” philosophy and away from individual achievement.

One school in our county is experimenting with this PBL next school year in the subject of biology and at the same time infusing technology as they will be textbook free.  Not actually as they promote textbook free.  The textbooks will be loaded unto e-readers for the student’s use.  That makes it almost a requirement for each home to have a Wi-Fi available.

I have many questions on this.  My friend and I left the restaurant still feeling quizzical about the future of a nation that may well plummet right into socialism.  Someone is using this source of socialism in a benign manner to dupe parents into this 21st Century learning.

I hope that I am wrong.

I am not ready to buy into it.  Time will tell.  It behooves me as a believing Christian to keep looking up for the return of the Lord and work each day as if it may well be my last day.   Christians cannot be clocks who only go through the motions.  The Bible is clear that we all stand before Him as individuals.  I’d hate to see those truths gradually disappear.  I encourage parents to be very involved in the education of their children.  The education stretches from the home, to the school, to the church.  All and each must be considered


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