Hats, Royalty, Crowns

This morning I watched the festivities and pomp that accompany England’s Royal Family.  England has been marking the milestone of Elizabeth II’s Diamond Celebration marking 60 years on the Throne as Queen.  The Monarchy seems to thrive amid all of the unrest in Europe.

Now, one might ask me, “Are you British?”  Not one bit of British blood flows in my veins.  I watch because I want a good chuckle.  Not to offend any Brit readers, but what is it with the Brits and the hats?  Last year when Kate Middleton married into the Royal family, I watched more to see the hats than anything else!  It almost appears to be a contest for the camera men to see who can spot the oddest of the headgear in the crowd.

Curiosity filled my mind this morning as I awaited the Queen’s Buckingham Palace Balcony appearance.  Would she wear the Queen’s crown, or would she wear a hat?  Wouldn’t today be a grand day to take the crown out of the vault and display her Queenliness?  I suspected so.  But, no.  She wore a hat.  A very stylish, but modest hat.  Prince William’s  Kate sported a cute, perky little hat that fit her personality well, and then, Prince Charles’ wife, Camilla, well, she was a different story!  Her hat was a large, lopsided, dull looking thing.  It swallowed her.  Most of us who have followed the Royal family for any length of time will always compare Camilla to Lady Di, and well, Camilla always comes up short.

Since I have been thinking about hats and crowns today, it occurred to me that little ole me—yes, I am royalty!  I am a child of the King, a Joint Heir with Christ. “For ye have not received the spirit of bondage again to fear, but ye have received the Spirit of adoption, whereby we cry, “Abba! Father!  The Spirit itself beareth witness with our spirit that we are the children of God; and if children, then heirs — heirs of God and joint heirs with Christ . . .” (Romans 8:15-17.  No silly, dumpy, or even stylish hats for me.  A crown, a crown to give to Jesus.  Those rewards, spoken of in I Corinthians 3 will far surpass the glitter of today’s festivities in England.



  1. Glenda

    I am in complete agreement, and hope I’ll have many crowns to cast at His feet! As for Camilla’s hat, I thought it looked as if she might be trying to fade into the background, and that hat was good for that! I have missed seeing Princess Anne in all of these proceedings, and have wondered about that. Last I heard of her, she was living in the USA, but surely she would have gone “home” for this grand celebration. Do you know anything about that situation? Perhaps I just missed something, since I was not watching it very closely.

    Thank you for reminding us of WHO we are in Christ!

  2. Two of the children were missing. Phillip was missing. Like you, I didn’t just sit and drink it in. I did hear that Phillip is in the hospital and the commentators assumed that the two missing children, Anne. . .and Edward?. . .were at the hospital with him. Someone quipped that Prince Phillip was probably one of the first “stay at home Dads.” Camilla’s hat was something else! I wonder if Brits bury the dead woman with a hat! Shouldn’t make fun of our friends across the Pond, but I just couldn’t resist writing about those hats!

  3. Glenda

    I always seem to forget about Edward! I suppose they might have been at the hospital with Philip, but I didn’t hear anyone say anything about it. Of course, it was probably mentioned during one of the times I was not watching, as those were many. I agree that some of those hats were pretty strange! I used to enjoy wearing a hat now and then, but it’s been years since I’ve worn one, and with prices the way they are now, I’m not likely to be wearing one anytime soon. 🙂 Last I heard, Philip was improving, but is still in the hospital. At the age of 91, everything is considered serious, and I’m sure they’ll keep him there until he is totally out of the woods. Good night, now!

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