Cinderella and Me

Once, years ago now, a friend told me I was suffering from Cinderella Syndrome.  Since it was a fellow teacher, I shrugged my shoulders and agreed, “Probably is my problem.”  Neither she nor I liked to dress up for a morning function, and then go home and pull weeds, pair socks, or iron shirts.  No! Why not be “Cinderella” all day?  I had a bout of that this morning.  I went to the nursing home where I volunteer. I was so appreciated and admired, and came home, well, to silence.  The vacuum cleaner seemed to snicker at me, the dog yawned, no one cooked for me, and my energy level plummeted.

Back in 1697, when Cinderella first hit the publishing market, it was published anonymously.  Later, Charles Parrault admitted to the fairy tale.  The middle class had accepted his story. Fairy tales, in literature has been studied tirelessly.  Two years ago I tutored a college student through an English Literature II class and we absorbed Jack Zipes’s book, the Oxford Companion to Fairy Tales (Oxford Pub. 2000) as well as the version of poetic renderings by Anne Sexton.  It was quite an adventure.  For his final paper, Nathan wrote on the role of stepmothers in fairy tales and real life. Unlike Anne Sexton, we came to appreciate the history hidden in those long ago tales.

Cinderella’s story differs to the point of 345 versions, 44 languages, operas, films, stage, books, poems, coloring books, dolls, musical scores, comic books, little girls’ dresses and shoes, ballets, and even an ice show.  I actually found a site called “Cinderella” on Pinterest! (It sells really high end shoes.)  It certainly shows that a majority of the population enjoys literary justice.

Since I am not really a Cinderella, I had to come off my cloud and go back to normal activity.  After all, life is so ordinary.  I need to appreciate ordinary days.  In fact, I think we should all be thankful for routine things.  The truth of Hebrews 13:8 is not only true of Jesus, “. . . the same yesterday, today, forever.” but also truth for everyday living.  It is so important for a parent, boss, neighbor, employee, too.  Consistency will take us off of the elevated cloud back to reality.  It puts us under the care and guidance of living in the Shepherd’s presence.



  1. Glenda

    Oh, I could really go off on this one, but I’ll try to maintain my sense of decency, as much as possible. I’m especially thinking about “public servants”–those people who beg for our votes and promise us that all will be well, then get so caught up in their own importance that they forget about the people who gave them the charge of taking care of their communities. Regrettably, we also see it in church workers, all the way from pastors who feel that they can do no wrong down to bench warmers who just want to sit in their Sunday finery and not be bothered with the business of being the church. Of course, there are the obvious examples in Hollywood, too, but those should come as no surprise to any of us.

    There are many times when I enjoy the peace and quiet of the “ordinary” in life, and I’m sure you do as well. It’s just coming down from that position of respect that is hard sometimes, but we need those times to keep us humble. Thank you for bringing this to our attention today, and forgive my little rant, please!

  2. Forgiven. Completely.

    • Glenda

      Thank you…:-)

  3. Cynic that I am, I always wondered how Cinderella could sing so sweetly as she scrubbed, dusted, mopped and cleaned up after the Sisty Uglers. I’d have been tempted to put salt in their sugar bowl:)

    Most of us lead ordinary lives, don’t we? Jesus, after all, was a carpenter! And no one rescued Him from the path He was given to walk. When I start wishing upon a star, it helps me to remember what He did and, even more, Who He is. I am a daughter of the King of Kings. Amazing.

  4. Of the 345 versions of this story, I am quite sure there are variations and maybe some salt in the sugar bowl! One version says that Cinderella found suitors for her stepsisters after the wedding. That is nice. But Anne Sexton puts in her poem that a dove comes down and pecks out the eyes of the stepsisters. Alas, the dove in Sexton’s poem is a substitute for the fairy godmother. Yikes. Sexton was given to depression and at a young age managed to commit suicide. I wonder why many gifted people have dreadful “hangups.” But, I ramble.

  5. Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog! I REALLY appreciate it! For some reason, my blog has been having trouble today—you mentioned you had trouble! ( I believe it’s a Spiritual attack of course! I STILL haven’t heard from my friend & may not! But, at least I have been true to my Savior & myself! ) Keep my friend in your prayers????Thanks! 🙂

    BEAUTIFUL blog post! Have you read, “The Majic of Ordinary Days?” Those ordinary days do take us off a pedistal…let us see reality for what it is…also help us to see ourselves for what we are! Those Cinderella moments are needed every-so-often though! 🙂

    • Becky, I did just pray for your friend. As a matter of fact, my Cinderella days are far and few between. It must be the nearly 100 percent German heritage that keeps me practical, and as Linda said in her comment, we are meant for ordinary days and Jesus, in his human life here on earth, was an ordinary carpenter. Parents, however, are many times guilty of bringing up girls as if they are all important and self centered. Many boys are “all about me” too. The Bible tells us the exact opposite. But I ramble. I post only about two times a week and if you liked this one, you might like the others. It is easy to follow a wordpress weblog. I jotted down your site name URL and will check in with you. Maybe we will run into each other on True Woman again too. Nice meeting you!

  6. THANK YOU! I thought I’d leave you another message—I am STILL having trouble with my blog! I can’t even add your comment to my blog, eventhough it comes through to the e-mail! It is SO WEIRD! I MAY have to start all over with my blog. (You probably noticed, I’m NEW to this!) IF I do start over, I’m thinking of trying WordPress! (Thanks to your suggestion!) 🙂 I’ve done all the things I can think of doing to fix my blog, but it just won’t work! I AM thinking I was hacked! (Funny huh? After posting my stance on a “controversial” subject! )

  7. I just subscribed to your blog! 🙂

  8. Becky, do you have a different weblog name on word press? I am only three months old on doing this and still learning. I never post a picture because I get confused and quit. It takes more time than I want to invest in a picture. Let me know when you post via wordpress.

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