Exceeding, Abundantly 2

My granddaughter is secure, right now. The judge revoked visitation rights on the birth parent until the next hearing July 13. Thank you for all who trusted in Ephsians 3:20 with me.



  1. Glenda

    Thank you for passing along that news. I’m praying that the judge will always have the discernment to make the best decisions for the children who come through that courtroom. This child is so blessed to be in a home where she will be taught God’s Word and have the love of a Christian family to guide as she grows up—unless the Rapture occurs first! I’m sure these court visits seem endless, but it will be worth it when the final decision is reached.

    We know a family who took in a foster child who had been severely abused at the age of three months, and over the course of time, the parents would either not show up for their supervised visits or they would not pass the drug tests that allowed them to visit. There was a grandmother who “sort of” wanted the little girl, but it was a very unstable situation, and our friends wanted to adopt her. She is now a little more than two years old, and just last week, the adoption was finalized! There were endless court visits during that time, but it has all worked out, and there should be no remaining battles from the family. Your situation is different, because apparently this birth father came out of the blue to start causing problems. My prayers will continue that the child will be allowed to be safe where she is, and that these visits will not be re-instated.

  2. Thank you for your concern. I’ll not be inviting folks to this post via fb so I can be more free to share my burden for Torrie’s future. Indeed, she is in a loving home where she is very much wanted. My son is very involved in her life as well as his wife. They were married for 13 years before they acquired her. Actually, according to NY state law, the BF had no rights to her at all. He actually had offered the BMother money to abort the baby. He assumed that was the solution. My, how the tune has changed. Since you are a FBF, I’ll PM you more details as time goes on. If only the BF’s apparent intentions were not evil, I would not be as concerned, nor would my son’s.

  3. Glenda

    That’s fine. I am always careful about using a child’s name anywhere, since we never know who might be watching. My sister does not even use names on her blog, which is usually about household things, gardens, recipes, etc. She has “pet names” for her children and grandchildren, since she does not personally know all of her followers. Anyway, I’m still praying that all will remain stable for David and the family. Sounds to me like that BF just needs to get out of the picture entirely!

  4. Mandy Dawson

    Glad to see this update.

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