The 38th Parallel

I John 4:4 “. . . greater is he that is in you and than he that is in the world”

Nearly every time I mow my yard and mow right to the street, I admit, I grumble.  The land adjacent to the street is known as easement.  It actually belongs to the city, yet it is maintained by the home owner.  When I lived outside the city, the easement seemed a bit deeper, and usually was made up of a ditch, which I also mowed.  One evening I came home from work to find a backhoe parked near my mailbox.  No one notified me of what was happening.  Well, the city decided to extend water lines into our division.  Hooking up to it was optional, but having one’s yard dug up was not an option.  The lines were laid in the easement.

The easement reminds me somewhat of a “no man’s land” except for the fact that there is not bloodshed over who occupies the land.  The 38th parallel which separates North Korea and South Korea is heavily fortified so that the land between, a mere 2 miles, has been heavily guarded since the end of the Korean Conflict In World War I the land between trenches was known as “No Man’s Land” and although it was heavily fortified with barbed wire, many soldiers lost their lives in night spying operations.  The wounded and dead lay in that war-torn space until the cover of darkness allowed soldiers to recover their own.

All this leads me to thinking about our Christian “no man’s land.”  Like the space between trenches or the 2 miles at the 38th parallel, there are places that are just not safe for Christian’s to occupy.  Some of those places are without question not the right place for a serious Christian believer.  Places of ill repute for me include bars, night clubs, places where talk is obscene, and places where drugs are exchanged.  Then there are places that are not really a territory.  Those are the places one goes and no one really knows.  Where do you go on the internet, for instance?  Where does your mind go when certain music is playing?  Are your games just for fun, or are they gambling?  What’s in your refrigerator?  What is in your closet—clothing of modest apparel or a little revealing?

I venture to say that those places of the heart that are not open to discussion are “no man’s land.”  Face it; you don’t even want to talk to God about those places.  That place, like the land between North Korea and South Korea lies barren and uncultivated.  They are made that way by decisions.  Your decisions.

Think about it.  Do something about it.

If your heart belongs to Christ, without any easement or no man’s land, that is a place of unlimited blessing.

If you want to read more about the possibility of whether your heart has a no man’s land or not, consider reading the small booklet by Robert Munger called, “My Heart, Christ’s Home.”  I found a downloadable PDF of it through a search engine.  It is also available at and in many Bible and Christian book stores.  Feel welcome to contact me in comments if you need help with this



  1. Glenda

    Thank you for approaching this subject. Someone has said that character is what you do when nobody is looking. As Christians, we need to be aware that Christ is always looking, and we must decide whether He will look upon us with joy or sadness. A great reminder for each of us tonight…

  2. Beautifully said, Karyl.

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