Fires and Floods

A study in the Word of God on times when the fire fell is a worthwhile study.  It would be good to couple the study with a study on water.  Noah’s flood comes to mind readily.  This week the news has reported repeatedly on the flooding left behind by tropical storm Debby and the fires in Colorado.  Both bring fear and destruction.  I have friends living in both areas so I have been paying attention—and praying.

The flood rains will eventually go down and although damage has been done, the rains also lifted a drought status to the region.  The fires will eventually burn out, the winds will die, and thunderstorms will quench the fires.  That is simplistic thinking, I know.  It does not quell the heartbreak of losing family treasures and memories.  Or the loss of a life.

What is even more alarming to me is that when I see the pictures of the fires, it reminds me of a place Jesus warned about in Luke 16.  Verses 28-37 describe the abode of the man who rejected his chance to respond to his sin and seek eternal forgiveness.  He described himself as “tormented in this flame.”  He begged for just a drop of water.  A drop.

The pictures of people sitting on roof tops in New Orleans, likewise, bring to mind of a time when Katrina left people stranded.  Those people, for whatever reason, did not or were not able to evacuate in time.  They needed a rescuer.  I wonder wherever those people are now—are they still enormously grateful for the air lift to safety?  Has time erased some of their gratitude?  That happens.

Now I ask myself:  “What am I doing to rescue others from the flames of Hell?  Psalm 142:4 comes to mind “. . . no man cared for my soul.”  Heartbreaking.  Sobering.


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  1. Glenda

    Yes, those are heartbreaking news stories, and my little mind cannot really fathom the sense of helplessness and loss these people are enduring. I am certainly praying for safety, especially with the news today of the horrible storms that hit Washington, D. C., and parts of VA and W VA. We are seeing great devastation in many parts of the world, and it draws my attention to the warnings in God’s Word. I’m listening for the trumpet! In the meantime, though, we MUST warn those who are not yet in the fold. Those fires this week gave me a good illustration for the last night’s NBT lesson from Pilgrim’s Progress, when Ignorance proudly walked right past Pilgrim and Hopeful, who were waiting for their time to enter the Celestial City. Ignorance believed that his good works were all he needed, and he smugly walked into the City, only to be carried out and dumped unceremoniously over a cliff. I was able to explain about the fires of Hell that are waiting for those who do not accept the precious blood of Jesus as their Way to get into Heaven. Since all of us have seen those horrible pictures from Colorado, the children were able to imagine such a thing, and to think that it would last forever was a great cause for much serious thought. We simply MUST not waste any of the precious moments that we are given on this earth. Time may be very short, but the results are eternal. Thank you for this reminder.

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