Pondering on ponder

What we say, and how we say it–two different things.  Then, there is the thoughts stirring around in our minds.  How to stop them?  Well, sometimes they need to be stopped, but sometimes we need to think slowly, think deeply.  Meditate.  Ponder.

I like that word, ponder, because it gives way to thinking in a purposeful way.  Mary, the mother of Jesus, “kept all these things and pondered them  in her heart” states Luke 2:19.  Because I am a woman and a mother, I think that Mary kept these things in a collection.  The visit from Garbiel right to the cross on Calvary provided many things to ponder.  Mary was with the group who gathered in the Upper Room after the ascention.  The disciples had been with Jesus a little over three years.  She had been with Jesus for 33 years.

There are things we shouldponder.Things we should keep in our hearts.

First, however, we need to learn to be quiet.

I think I’ll be quiet now.


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  1. Glenda

    I also like the word “ponder.” Of course, it rhymes with the word “wander,” which is what my mind does so much more of these days! There are syllables that come to mind that are also useful and important to the Christian life…meditate, cogitate, consider….but I’m like you–I think I’ll be quiet now. Thank you for reminding us that it’s also important to be quiet. God even tells us to “Be still and know that I am God.”

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