I like to cook my oatmeal by adding the oats to cold water, stir it slowly until it comes to a boil, then stir quickly for about 30 seconds and remove from the heat.  That requires one thing from me:  no distractions.  Well, yesterday I had so many things whirling around in my brain that I forgot the oats and guess what?  I had a sticky mess!  I salvaged 2 bowls out of three.  The third bowl had to be cleaned off the burner and around the pan and the whole outside of the pan.

I always make three bowls; eat one; put the other two in the fridge and zap with the microwave the next two mornings.  But, I stray.  See, I am easily distracted.

Have you heard of AADD?  The extra A is for adult. In most of my youth I do not recall suffering from attention deficit disorder.  I could stay with one task hours upon end.  In my older years, Adult Attention Deficit Disorder has set in.  Someone needs to invent a “clapper” for my coffee mug.  If I can’t find it, I just start over!  At the end of the morning I sip from one cup to the other.  Cold coffee really doesn’t bother me.

All of that said, I want to remind you that a well-used tool of Satan is distraction.  The morning slips away and the Bible lies unread.  Distraction.  Fold a load of clothes, start a load in the washer, feed the dog, empty the dishwasher, answer the phone, get the mail, pull some weeds, and the morning is gone.  The Bible lies unopened.  None of the tasks you performed were evil.  Not at all.  It is not even evil to leave the Bible unread. However, it does sadden the heart of God, He wanted to tell you something that would encourage you but you were distracted.

Peter spoke to believers in his second epistle that as long as he was living among them that he should “stir you up” (II Peter 1:13) by reminding them of the importance of the teachings Jesus left them.  Attending church is a good way to “stir up” our hearts and minds.  Personal Bible reading stirs up our hearts.  Seasons of prayer stirs our hearts to the needs of others.  Confessing sin stirs our hearts to not be repeat offenders.

Stirring is important to oatmeal.  Stirring is important in our spiritual well being also.  Cleaning a mess made spiritually is not as easy as cleaning the sticky mess off the stovetop.


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  1. Glenda

    I always love your spiritual applications to our daily living. Yes, it is really easy to leave the Bible untouched while we are busy with “life,” and that is one reason why I enjoy doing my morning devotions online. I get up, wash my face, then turn on the computer and take care of that time before doing anything else. If I see a passage that needs some further study, then I get my Bible, which I have right next to the computer, and take care of that study. Another advantage of doing the reading on the computer is the ability to cut and paste a passage into my first Facebook status of the day, and many folks have told me that that Scripture has helped them with certain aspects of their lives. Anyway, I agree that it must sadden God just a bit when we get “too busy” to spend time with Him, and I simply just don’t know how people get along without that special time.

    Oh, I like oatmeal, too! 🙂

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