Tinkered with Oatmeal Bars

I cook, bake, clean, wrtie, study my Bible, but I do NOT write poetry.  Here is the recipe for the Oatmeal Bars I mentioned last week. (the title of it is “Substitutions”) You might want to review that post if you missed it.  You’ll have to go back to July.  I made this about 12 times to get to this point where I am satisfied.  Mr. Food would still recognize them, I mostly added fiber but not so much as to make them taste like glorified cardboard.

Oatmeal Bars

(with apology to Mr. Food)

Because the cost of fiber bars went outside the boundaries of my budget, I tinkered with this recipe until it had sufficient fiber.  Sorry, it still has fat! Hey our bodies need some fat to keep the machinery going!


½ cup margarine

¼ cup butter.

    (I tried Oil—not enough taste, I tried applesauce, too soft, I tried all margarine, too crumbly. I tried part margarine, part applesauce, not too bad, but still too soft)


Melt in large mixing bowl in MW

Add to the melted margarine/butter  1 T of maple syrup or maple-flavoredsyrup

and 1 tsp of baking soda(if you forget the soda here, just put it in with the dry ingredients, it does not seem to matter) 

Whisk together the dry ingredients:

2 cups of rolled oats—quick or regular, doesn’t matter.

Put into a 1 cup measuring cup:

3 T of wheat germ.

3 T of whole wheat flour

fill the rest of the cup with white flour.  (I use unbleached)

½ cup brown sugar, packed

½ cup of white sugar.

(sugar is sugar regardless of the color, but brown gives it better taste IMO) 

½ cup of chocolate chips.  (Add a couple pinches of coconut if you want to.  I like the taste and texture it gives, but it is certainly optional) 

Mix the dry ingredients into the melted mixture.  It will be quite thick.  Pat into a greased pan– 9 x 13. Pat it down firmly.  I push it in from the edges.  Makes better shaped bars.

Bake 350° for about 20 minutes.  Immediately upon taking out of the oven, gently cut into bars, I score/cut into 15 squares.  Let it cool, then recut.  I store mine in Tupperware®.

I have not run this through Sparkrecipe for nutrition.  I just know from eating them that they supply adequate fiber for me.  My intestinal tract seems to appreciate them.

Does anyone know the rule of where to place a period when one is using the registered trademark symbol?  At least I am giving credit where credit is due, unlike most of our modern journalists.


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  1. Glenda

    Sounds like a great recipe! I just might give it a try one of these days when I’m feeling adventurous! Thanks for sharing!

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