My Favorite Bible Story

Which is your favorite Bible story?

Someon posed that quetion today on facebook.  I can’t remember who.  I sure did have an immediate answer though.  David and Goliath.  I can tell that story “at the drop of a hat” as the saying goes.  Had I kept count over the years how many times I have used I Samuel 17 in Children’s church, daycare, chldren’s clubs, and even at the nursing home, probably four or five times per year, times fifty.

After I responded to the question, it also led me BACK to Caleb.  As my family hates to hear me introduce a conversation with “Did you know. . .” here I am saying, “Did you know. . .”  Caleb asked Moses for Hebron.  He said, “I want that mountain. . .” and about 40 years later, Caleb reminded Joshua that Moses had promised him Hebron.

Now Caleb is 85 years old.  Hebron, according to the Bible atlas, is about 3,000 feet above sea level.  Living in Hebron is a man named Anak.  His sons were all really big guys.  The spies, sent in 40 years earlier had shaken and quivered in fear of them.  They told Moses that ordinary men, like themselves, were just like a grasshopper to those fellows. Their faithlessness and disobedience saw that generation buried in the wilderness.  Only Joshua and Caleb lived.

Caleb didn’t seem to care about the size of Anak or his sons.  He served a God much bigger than anybody around Hebron.  Well, he conquored Hebron, sometimes called Mount Hebron.  He must have made life so miserable for Anak and his kin that they moved closer to the sea coast.  They continued to reproduce big fellows and eventually guess who runs into them:  David.

Goliah made a mockery of the Hebrews and King Saul.  Now Saul, the Bible tells us was head and shoulders taller than any of his brothers.  Yet, he shivered and shook every time Goliah came out in a challenge.  David volunteered.  He would not stand by and have anyone make fun of his God.

When David came up against Goliath, he vocally declared, “I come to you in the Name of the Lord of Hosts”  And David won.  Well, God won.

Mark Lowrey has written a song about David and Goliath, and one of the phrases in the song says:

“That Giant ain’t too big to hit, that Giant’s too big to miss!”

Next time you are confronted with a seeming giant, just remember that–pick up your punny little sling and five stones and call on the name of the Lord of Hosts.



  1. I like that. What a good reminder. Thank you!

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