With the summer Olympics on my mind (and television) I have seen numerous things to which I can make spiritual application.  These days of competition are coming to a close for another, well four years for summer, but a mere two years for winter Olympics.  In all realms of team or individual sports, the body alignment seems to be very important.

Again and again, commentary on the sport being performed, the announcers have drawn attention to the importance of the vertical position.  None, it seems, is more important than in diving.  The goal is to make as little splash as possible.

That sort of says it all.  Since the Old Testament section of the Bible has been my focus lately, Moses comes to mind.  He was a vertical sort of person.  His focus wasn’t about himself.  His focus, as far as I can tell, was on God.  David Jeremiah, on Turning Point, recently said that Moses spent 40 years of being “somebody” in Pharaoh’s court, to 40 years of “nobody” in Midian, in order to become somebody to lead the Hebrews back to the land God had promised to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and ultimately to the Hebrew population.

When a diver loses the vertical entry into the water and makes a bigger splash, he loses points.  A knee bent ever so slightly could cost the difference between a medal, or no medal.  Hundreds of hours are spent flinging off a springboard in order to accomplish such perfection.  How can I, then, as a Believer in Jesus, expect to be perfect every time?  I can’t.  But I sure can try.

While we all seem to live individually, it isn’t really so.  We influence each other.  Romans 14:6-14 teaches the reader that we will all give account before God, and that we should take care not to become a stumbling block.  One athlete’s performance at an event can affect those following.

One more observation here:  the trichotomy of body, soul, and spirit gives me a visual prospective.  Everyone sees the body; the soul is our personality; that which we are known by, but the spirit is that which connects with God.  It is our vertical relationship.  When the vertical is kept in check, the rest will follow along.  Meekness plays a part in keeping that vertical line.  In a sense, meekness implies that the Believer surrender rights and expectations to God.  Let God control that vertical line to success.

“The meek shall inherit the earth. . . “ declares Psalm 37:11.



  1. This is prime, Karyl, One of your best.

  2. Glenda

    Excellent spiritual application. Thank you!

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