No Brown Couches

When a person makes a tender, juicy, flavorful stew, it is usually the result of slow cooking.  In the “olden” days stews and soups were common because they were no-fuss meals that simmered away on a back burner.  Well, this topic is one that has been simmering for nearly twenty years!  You will find it either tasty or dry.  Maybe a bit of both.

After the breakup of the former Soviet Union several countries suddenly became independent.  Moldova was one of them.  The people at last could freely hear the Gospel presented and attend churches.  Missionaries made moves to these newly opened countries because no one really knew how long that window of opportunity would stay open.  A pastor friend of mine had the opportunity to travel to Moldova and teach in a new Bible school and of course, preach.  That was in 1995.

Evidences of Communism were still everywhere.  When I asked what was the most striking memory, he replied, “The brown couches.”  Everyone had a brown couch.  No other colors were available.  It was much the same with other things such as cars.  All of the cars were the same—same color—same make.  The same.

In a world of communistic, government control there are no choices.  One gets a government issued washing machine, a car (if you are lucky) and a brown couch.  That picture has stuck in my mind like glue.

For one thing, I am thankful for my blue couch and coordinating pillows and curtains.  I like my little white car.  And I am thankful that God allows me so many choices.  I never want to live in a place where every yard is the same size and the only flowers a person can plant are geraniums.  Really, there are places like that in America!  Some people even like living there!

But now, let’s think of this:  God makes every snowflake in a different pattern.  I’m told that no two zebras are exactly the same.  God also has individualized plans for each person He creates.  Consider that Ephesians 2:10 states that “. . . we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus unto good works that God hath before ordained that we should walk in them.”*  No brown couches.

Under the guidance of the Good Shepherd you can carry out the individual good works that are in His plans.

*emphasis mine


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  1. Glenda

    Thank you for this reminder! Yes, God has a perfect plan for each of us, and we must be about the job of finding where we fit in His world. Back in the days when we used carbon paper, I noticed that even the copies were slightly different from the original. Those differences were subtle and could usually be explained by the amount of pressure that was placed on the original to make the copy, but they were different, nonetheless. I’m sure that even identical twins have variations in their bodies, although we don’t notice them with the naked eye. Our God is truly amazing, and I’m glad He made the earth so wonderful in its simplicity and its complexity! 🙂

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