The Rose Trilogy, Book Review

Beverly Lewis has done it again.  Lewis is good at writing a series that must be read in order of series.  Although she reviews for the reader, it is just best to read the books in order.  I have now come to the conclusion that I will always wait until the whole series is out so I can just read them through in one swoop.

The Rose Trilogy is three separate books with short titles:  The Thorn, The Judgment, The Mercy.  As in her other books, the setting is Amish community.  Here, Lewis shines.  She writes with authority on Amish tradition and beliefs.  One of her other characteristic traits is being able to adequately convey the inner feelings of the Amish.  She has that down to an art form.

There is always romance in her books, but it is always with meticulous care.  She can portray deep love without all the gush and gooey.  And there is mystery, but not suspense. She has never topped the walnut on the swing pictured on the cover of one of her previous books, but this one comes close. In this trilogy, it is a tin box.

I recommend these books as a comfort read.  They are not steeped in history; they give mystery without bone-chilling suspense, and romance that is delightful.  If you have never read a Beverly Lewis book, pick one up soon at your local bookstore, Wal Mart, or do as I often do, borrow!  I borrowed mine on audio from my public library so that I can multi task.

Predictably, it is my custom to read with discernment.  It keeps me under the guidance of Jesus, my Good Shepherd.





  1. Cristene Byrd

    thank you always looking ffor something to read on lunch thats descent. have to go to the librARY WED AND FIND THEM CRIS

    • Well, these are decent! Good story, good plot, just make sure you read them in order! The plot does not resolve until the last book. No peeking!

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