The Meandering Mind

Today I spent some time going from store to store to be “the balloon lady.”  Generally I turn the car radio to the Moody station and half listen and half think.  Today I left the radio silent.  I wanted time to think and to pray.

Random thought 1:  “I sure am glad for protection while I drive on this interstate.”  That thought wandered to yesterday’s Bible class and thanksgiving.  While some in the group were giving pious answers, I piped up with, “I’m thankful my car started.”  So, today I was taking mental note on how many times that you, Jesus, Thank You . . .  crosses my mind.  I should have carried a note pad.

Random thought 2:  Does it matter that Mitt Romney follows the Mormon faith?  Not any worse than no faith, or Muslim leanings.  Then my mind wandered into prayer for him.

Random thought 3:  “I wonder why God created helium.  Surely it is for more than making folks happy with a lasting balloon—right?  Then my mind wandered off to thinking about Creationism.  That was a pleasant time of thinking.

Random thought 4:  “Why does the company for which I inflate and merchandise balloons treat me like an ignoramus?  I stewed on that one while I was entering my reports for the day.  One would think that if a rep stays with them three years there should be a raise, maybe?

Random thought 5:  We all have handicaps of some sort.  I’m short. That meandered to handicapped parking to step stools to a painting job, going to Lowes, and on and on!

Summary:  There are many more paths my mind traveled today.  What’s important is to ask myself—were my thoughts and meditations of my heart acceptable in God’s sight?  Psalm 19:14 is the litmus test.

“Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in thy sight, O Lord, my strength and my redeemer.”


How about your random thoughts today?


Post Script:  Random thought 6:  I like spell check.  However, it did not catch when I used to instead of for.  Stop it, Karyl.  Just stop it!


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  1. Glenda

    I love your random thoughts, but I’m afraid that yours are more astute than mine. Possibly not, though. I find myself thinking of a particular person, then remembering a special prayer need that they have mentioned to me, so I say a quick prayer. Then the mind wanders off to a time in life that seemed much simpler for me, but I know it was not really that simple for those who were responsible for me. At times, I think about disappointments and frustrations in my life, then that leads me to thankfulness for the way God brought me through those times, and on and on…. I do not usually turn on the radio in the car, because I like to use my time in thought and prayer, and I’m not ashamed to admit that I have had some of my very closest moments with God while in one car or another. Lately, I’ve had to be more aware of the temperature light, because we have some issues with the cooling system, and that “HOT” light can come on after a few miles down the road!!! Hoping to get that fixed shortly, so we can once again become “lost” in our thoughts as we travel! Thank you for sharing your random thoughts, and I agree that you should be worth a raise of some sort after three years!! These days, though, if we are to believe the reports we hear on the news, I suppose your company thinks you should be grateful that there is helium available for your job! Keep on smiling that wonderful smile as you fill those perky balloons, just knowing that your job is adding to the joy of someone’s special occasion or time in the hospital. 🙂

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