Green, Ivy, Grow

It has a rhythm to it, doesn’t it?  Sounds a bit like Ready, Set, Go?  Good.  Glad that you thought so too!

For some time my eyesight had slipped to a point that I no longer could hand stitch. My good retina specialist, has given me a measure of sharpness back. In the last four months I have been able to thread needles again and am able to do stamped embroidery once again.  Currently, I am working on a pair of pillow slips.  The color guide seemed boring to me so I gave it some variety!  Not just one green for leaves, and foliage on the slips.  Many shades of green make it much lovelier.  After all, when I look out from my front window, I see many varieties of green.  Each tree has not only identifiable leaf shapes, but also green colors.  If a biologist were reading this he would correct me:  chlorophyll.  (Yes, I depended on spell check for that one!)

Sitting just off my back step is a rectangular concrete planter filled with ivy.  Somehow it survived our Indiana drought.  That ivy started with a small plant of ivy I moved here from Tennessee.  That plant was started from a sprig of ivy that someone put in a bud vase with a single rose.  It sat in my kitchen window until it had roots, and then I moved it outside.  In two years it grew into an ivy bed that defied weeds.  When I moved, I cut off two or three sprigs, and started over. Now that it has generously rained, I’ll move part of it to a place where I need ground cover.  One sprig in a bud vase for filler started it all!

II Peter 3:18 challenges those whom Peter called, beloved.  Actually the verse finished a sentence started in verse 17.  “. . . grow in grace and the knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.”  Peter was concerned about growth, as he used the same word for grow in I Peter 2 when he compared growth to “newborn babes, desire the sincere milk of the Word that ye may grow thereby.”

I want to be like that ivy sprig!  Don’t stop me!  Let me be a ground cover that defies sin!  Join me.  Grow, Christian, Grow!




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  1. Glenda

    Another wonderful object lesson, Karyl! Thank you for the example and the admonition. It sounds as if your “green thumb” has many shades as well! 🙂

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