The O’Malley Series — A Six-Book Review

Dee Henderson creates a six-book series that contains almost everything thing I look for in a fiction book.  Henderson is an artist creator of intrigue, romance, comic relief, and masterful resolutions.  The books all have contemporary settings that stretch from Washington, D.C. to Big Sky Montana.

Each of the six books features one of the seven O’Malley children who had grown as close as a regular family while living at Trevor House, an orphanage in Chicago.  They are all close in age, and when they turned 18 years old, they selected a common last name and made it legally theirs:  O’Malley.  They all gain admirable occupations that include U.S. Marshalls, police force, a pathologist, a pediatrician, a social psychologist, and firefighters.

Each book features one of the children, but generally, includes them all somehow in the plot.  Although I recommend that the books be read in order, Henderson puts enough background in each book that they could be read out of order, or as just one or two of the series.  I highly recommend starting with book one and book six as the last.  In between, they can be mixed in order without losing sense.  If one reads book six before reading book four and five, it would be considered a “spoiler.”  The order of the books is:  The Negotiator, The Guardian, The Truth-Seeker, The Protector, The Healer, and The Rescuer.

Henderson writes with a style that presents a “thriller” with comic relief, and a touch of romance that warms the heart.  Yet, none of the scenes are graphically alarming.  The scenes are intense.  The characters are realistic.  They struggle with the same issues as the person reading them.

The seventh child of the family is Jennifer and there is no particular book title for her.  She is entwined well into the other books.  Yes, I had a favorite!  Usually when I read a series, I always seem to like the first book best.  However, in this series, I liked book six the best (The Rescuer).  This book is so good that it took me four days to even think about picking up another book.  I am certain that other book readers have that same malady.

Contemporary fiction does not have a lasting effect on readers but I do think these books will be popular for twenty years, at least. The first book of the series was published in 2001.  With editing that brings modernization, they could breathe new life.  I also recommend these books in audio if you don’t miss the paper pages. The reader brings characterization into the stories that maybe a reader would miss otherwise.  They are available in e-reader, and large type.  Both genders will read these books. They are not “chick-flicks” on paper.  Once you start, you will not want to be bothered!


I have recently noticed that WordPress (or someone) drops advertisements on these posts.  I do not endorse any of these products. I truly hope they will not offend any of my readers.




  1. Mandy Ferguson

    Well said. 🙂 I also love these books. She wrote a stand alone book called “Danger in the Shadows” that might be considered a “prequel” of sorts. It isn’t about the O’Malley’s but two characters from the O’Malley books are in this book. It is also a very intense mystery that makes you want to read from beginning to end in one sitting. 🙂

  2. Thanks, Mandy. It is also my understanding that a new book is coming out in October called, Full Disclosure. The main character’s name is Ann Silver. I’m just pitching it here, but I”ll have to wait awhile before it is on audio, and in at the library. Maybe Kindle edition though if it isn’t more than 10.00. I also read (listened) to the Uncommon Heroes series about five years ago.

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