The Switch Hitter

Mickey Mantle, Pete Rose, and Chipper Jones hold something in common:  they are all switch hitters who hold baseball records of one kind or another.  The advantage of switch hitting is being able to not only hit from both sides of the plate because the batter can see the ball coming at them better.

Today I was thinking about the advantage of knowing Scripture from both the Old and New Testaments.  It is equally important to know what Moses wrote as what is written about Jesus and words recorded that were spoken by Him.

Satan attacks from all sides, There are times when we come to the place of temptation with an ill-equipped line of defense.  A clerk gives us wrong change—perhaps a five dollar bill instead of a one dollar bill.  The Sword of the Spirit lifts us out of the temptation to pocket the wrong change with an Old Testament verse:  “Thou shalt not steal.”

That was easy.

How about this:  A bully is bothering your child with hateful taunts because of an invitation to Sunday School.  The Sword of the Spirit draws out a verse again:  “rejoice, and be exceedingly glad. . .”   What!  Wait a minute. Really?  Check out Matthew 5:12

That was challenging.

The Word of God has the answers and we must depend on the Holy Spirit to give us the guidance we need at the time we need it.  However, unless we incorporate the Word into our lives by steady reading, we will act in the flesh and do the wrong thing.  It is equally important to know counsel from Moses, David, Samuel, Solomon, as it is Paul, Peter, James, John.

With God’s Word hidden in our hearts, we can all be successful as “switch hitters.”

If you find the words and names in the Old Testament difficult to pronounce and the Old World maps confusing, just press on anyhow.  Picture yourself as digging for that silver bullet you will need against the enemy someday.



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  1. Glenda

    Of course, God’s Word tells us that ALL Scripture is given by inspiration of God. That means that the detailed instructions for building the Temple are just as inspired as the Ten Commandments. There are reasons for each word in the Bible, and we need to discipline ourselves to dig for what may seem to be “hidden” meanings. Thank you for pointing this out to us!

    As you know, I post Scripture each morning on my Facebook status. The choice of Scripture is done with prayer and a great hope that others who read will be strengthened in some way. Because of the varied spiritual experience of my FB friends, I try to make sure that the words will be relevant to people from various stages in their walk. I always appreciate your comments on a particular passage that I have posted, as you can bring out something that someone needs to see/hear.

    We have such a treasure in our Bibles, and I just wish more people took the time to study what God is teaching us. We never get too old to learn! 🙂

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