Delilah—Judges 16, I Timothy 6:10, Luke 12:15, Proverbs 15:27


Preparing my heart to Hear God’s Word:   What would you do if you were able to acquire $27,500?  ______________________________________________


What would you be willing to do in order to acquire that amount?  ____________

____________________________________ Now, put yourself into the mind of Delilah and try to think of the goal that was set before her by the Philistine Lords.


Relating God’s Word to my heart:  Judges 16 is the only direct reference point we have to the person named Delilah.  We know nothing of her family, age, and only guess at her occupation.  She lived in the Valley of Sorek which was located west of Judea a mid point toward the Philistines.  We know that Samson loved her although she never did claim to love him.  The key to the root cause of her behavior lies in verses 5 and 18.  She loved money.

We know of Samson that he was a promised child, a Nazarite from the womb, a trusted Judge of Israel.  We can assume that he had a sense of loyalty to Israel and a love for God.  His passion for women was his leading moral weakness.  Delilah was not the first he “loved” but she was the last!  His contributions to the nation of Israel were enough that he is listed in Hebrews 11:32 so we know that he was not devoid of faith.  More than the women he had encountered before her, Delilah carried a lust not only for men, but for money.

Oh, the wonderful togas and household furnishings, and servants and on and on and on she dreamed after the offer of such a generous sum to bring Samson down.  Delilah in chapter 16 is a woman who could use both her body and her brains and cared nothing at all about the destruction that would result.

Eugenia Price states:  “When we skim over the story of Delilah’s treachery, feeling removed from it in our own lives, being convinced it has little or nothing to do with us, we make a serious mistake.”  (Page 63) Ms. Price further explains:  “. . . when a woman has hunted until she found a man’s weak spot, and then she takes over, that is in a very definite sense, playing God in another person’s life.  Only God deserves to control human life.  Only God is capable of doing it without destruction.” (Page 64)

Larry Richards comments:  “They [Philistine lords] offered her a fortune to discover the secret and betray it to them.  Delilah, eager to gain the promised wealth, complied.”  (Page 102)  It is simply the love of money.  I Timothy 6:10 warns us that the “love of money is the root of all evil. ”

The contrast of Delilah and Samson lies in the fact that Samson was a confessing believer in the God of Israel while Delilah has no history of loyalty to either Israel or the Philistines.  Delilah was for one person:  herself.

Jesus warned the disciples and others gathered around Him as recorded by Luke in chapter 12 and verse 15 that “. . . a man’s life consists not of the abundance of the things he possesses.”  Delilah determined to have that silver and with it possess what she might not otherwise ever have.  She was not the honorable woman in Proverbs 31 who knew that “strength and honor were their clothing.”

Liz Higgs warns us:  “Silver and gold aren’t very good company.  What Delilah gained in goods, she surely lost in relationships.  The same thing can happen to us when we pursue a materialistic life style and leave behind dear friends in our frenzy of accumulation.  Money separates people more often than it joins them.” (Page 124)

The love of money has brought down many a good person.  We cannot just lay aside that fact that Delilah was already a bad person.  Let’s remember that we are but dust.  Satan is an enemy.  If money is a weak spot for one of us, then Satan, like wicked Delilah, will deceive you into thinking that he is your friend but in the end, he will bring you low.  The love of money can possibly destroy you.

Responding to God’s Word:  The relationship of the child of God and money is a tricky situation.  Just when you are sure you have victory of whether you possess things or the things possess you, Satan will attack This week think these things through,  One need not be rich to love money!  If the love of money or the things money can buy is one of your weak spots, seek constant victory over the area.  Give things away.  Remember that all you own is at best temporary. Count your treasures of friendships, family, and souls yet to be won through your constant and persistent prayer and vibrant witness.

Use this space for your prayer of surrender and consecration.  _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________






Bibliography:  The Holy Bible, (Thompson Chain Reference)  Bad Girls of the Bible, (Liz Curtis Higgs, Waterbrook Press, 1999)  The Unique World of Women (Eugenia Price, Zondervan Publishing, 1969) Every Woman in the Bible (Sue and Larry Richards, Thomas Nelson Publishing, 1999) God’s Word of Windows (Matthew Henry Concise Commentary)



Copyright, 2001, K. Entner, Franklin, IN  Copies may be made for small group studies.  Contact K. Entner at for a teacher’s guide if you desire.



  1. Glenda

    Thank you for this most timely reminder. In a day when people will do almost anything to keep up appearances, it’s wise to have our hearts in the right place always. Matthew 6:21 states: “For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.” If a possession causes you to lose fellowship with a friend or family member, or if it gives you so much preoccupation that you have no time for God, then it is not right for you to have it. I hope that, if I should ever be trusted with a large sum of money, God would find me faithful to use it in ways that would help others and expand His kingdom.

    • Now that you know what I’ll be teaching tomorrow (Thurs) you can better pray for me. Possessions are more important to these older folks than most people know. Most people also think they can’t learn anything from a wicked woman. This should be interesting!

  2. Glenda

    I’ll certainly be praying for you! Yes, folks put very great value on material things, even when they claim to be strong Christians. When Margaret was placed in the N/H, the first thing she wanted Pastor to take to her was her LARGE collection of jewelry! She had one of those special cabinets that stood on the floor, with many drawers for various items, and she had to have that whole thing sitting next to her bed! Well, I suppose that, when a person realizes that he or she is losing control of what life they have left, things become more important to them, especially if they have been meticulous about their appearance before that happens. Not this gal!!! Oh, and it was very difficult for Margaret to see any value in people who did not dress as she thought they should. Our neighbor for a few years was a youngish woman who would dress in halters and shorts to mow the grass around all the buildings. She did a wonderful job keeping things neat, but all Margaret could say was that she needed to put some clothes on. Well, enough about Margaret. I’m sure the angels in Heaven are dressed modestly. 🙂 Have a great time with those folks at the home in the morning.

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