In 1996 my little Pontiac Sunbird suddenly decided not to reverse.  Because it had nearly 140.000 miles on it, I sold it as a “mechanic’s special” and bought my one and only new car.  Since then, I have not had thoughts of transmission functions until this week.  My little Mercury Mystique decided not to transmit the power to a higher gear.  I can putter around town, but it would not be safe for others should I go out on the interstate.

So, for two days now I have wondered what duty exactly a transmission performs.  I am a far stretch of becoming a mechanical engineer! gave me a mental picture of a transmission, however.  The definition states:  the transference of force between machines or mechanisms, often with changes in torque.  Torque, until today, is not a word I have used.  I have heard men use the word, but I have never had cause to use the word myself.

Torque, according to the dictionary, is:  force that causes rotation; the measured ability of totaling elements such a gear or shaft to overcome turning resistance.  Now, all I have to do is get my very female brain to grasp this function.

What I really want to do is apply this mechanical motion to the Christian walk.  If I lose my ability to transfer force (power) between what my natural man or flesh desires, I will not be able to overcome sin’s temptation.  How?  How can I not lose that ability?

There is a little sensor in newer models of cars these days.  The sensor signals the transmission to switch gears.  If the sensor goes bad, the transmission will fail to shift.  The sensor in the Christian walk is that part of my spiritual being that senses sin.  I must be sensitive to sin or I could fail to have the power (or force) to respond according to God’s Word.

Before this week, I never knew that I had a spiritual transmission.

Any mechanics reading this, correct me if I need correction because, as I admitted, I am not mechanically inclined!

Romans 8 and Galatians 5 have much to say about walking in the Spirit which, of course, is what gives Christians a sensitivity to sin.



  1. Glenda

    Great spiritual application here, Karyl! I’ll bet you could come up with others related to the workings of an automobile, such as using the right fuel, making sure the spark plugs are all working properly, and even being sure the brakes are in good condition! Thank you for reminding us of how all of our parts must be aimed in the right direction if we are to achieve God’s purpose in our lives.

  2. I have a spiritual transmission. I’m sure there is truth here but it hasn’t kicked in yet. Thanks for giving me something to think about!

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