Forty Days of Prayer V

My chronicle today is short.

Yes, I prayed.  I tried to pray while I mowed grass but that was rather unproductive for me.  I used to do that on the riding lawn mower, but with a push mower, I actually have to think lest I cut down something I’ll regret later.

And that got me to thinking–of course.  My “everyday thinking” kind of stuff.

When I was very little, my Mom taught me to pray the bedtime prayer:  “Now I lay me down. . .” and at mealtime, it seemed a long time before Mom let ME pray and again, it was a memorized prayer.  “God is great. . .”    When I was about nine years old, my grandfather, with whom we lived on the farm, encouraged me to memorize the Lord’s Prayer.  I recall that he even rewarded me something for doing it.  When I received Christ as my Savior at age 16, my prayer life changed to spontaneous, unmemorized prayer.

Using the Lord’s prayer as a model is not a bad thing, in fact, I do it every now and then by using the framework and it is uplifting.

With my desire to be specific for some element of freedoms in another every day during these forty days, I felt an urgency to pray for our Nation’s safety. That led to our men and women in uniform, and people in the administration who have oversight. And I thanked God that I was born in America! My parents were born in America but, my grandparents on my paternal side immigrated and my great grandparents on my maternal side also immigrated from Ireland/Germany via Canada.

I don’t know about you, but you know what? I REALLY to do love America. Knowing my heritage makes me even more thankful. Let’s keep our tact.

Oops, this wasn’t so short after all.  It is my heart.  I hope you all have a wonderful time of worship and praise on the Lord’s Day tomorrow.

Oh, and a link too:  Such a blessing to me is what I read in a fellow blog this morning:



  1. Glenda

    I cannot even imagine living anywhere except the USA, although I know Heaven will be much nicer! My blood boils a little whenever I hear someone say negative things about our flag or our country, and it hurts me to see the direction that the nation seems to be going these days. Yes, God can turn us around, and we ALL must pray for that to happen. I’m definitely with you on this!!

  2. The past two days one verse has been on my heart, one of those CLIAM promises maybe. It is in James: “. . . the effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.” It’s at the end of James 5. I’m lazy about references. Elijah was a person, like us, who prayed, and God answered. I figure if just ONE Elijah is out there among the 50,000 or more folks in prayer groups, God will hear and give us yet another chance. Yet, we all need to pray and I thank you for sharing my burden. Perhaps Chronical VI will say something about this passage in James??? And, between you and me, I think God is going to do something special in hearts just through the exercise of coming before God on a regular basis. There are many who have committed to this venture who have never prayed consistently for forty days and it is bound to bring personal revival. I hope so.

  3. Glenda

    I completely agree. Prayer is never wasted, as long as it come from the heart of the person who’s praying. God might not do exactly what we ask, but He’ll reveal His plan to us as He sees fit, as long as we are open to His bidding.

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