Forty Days of Prayer VI

My Sunday Chronicle:  September 30, 2012


Sunday.  One would assume that Sunday is an easy day to pray.  After all, we gather in church, we sing, we tune into someone who leads in prayer, we listen to teaching and preaching.  My heart was stirred, but I longed for the time to specifically carry out my covenant with God.

Dinner was a busy time and family is important.  How am I going to be an example if I don’t spend time with family?  Cooking is important; connecting is important.  Still, I felt empty.

Back to church for the evening service I found refreshing sing time.  I’d forgotten that it was a fifth Sunday singing tonight.  I simply let the Lord seep into my singing and found myself immersed in communion with God through song.  I do not know how my pastor does it, but he takes page numbers from the congregational requests, and somehow, on the spot, weaves them together to make sense of the song titles into a message. He asks only for page numbers, not titles.  He not only knows his Bible, but also knows the hymnal!

It struck me that we pray for America as a whole when we pray in part.  I am very thankful for my pastor and Victory Baptist Church.  It is in my county.  Missions is across the street, and around the world.  The prayer needs are :  my neighborhood, my community, my county, my state, my nation, my mayor, my school board, my representative, my senator, and on to Washington, D.C.  Each leader, each place.

It starts at my house; it starts at your house.

Lord, give me a spirit of unceasing reaching out in prayer for those around me.



  1. Roe

    Are you participating in the forty days of prayer fornour nation until the election? I have. Decided to join in. I am excited to see other participate too. We as have decided to also fast. In our own way during this time of prayer.

    • Yes I am. In fact, read it wrong and started a day early. If you read back on my weblog here, you will see a daily chronicle. My hope is for revival as a result. Yes, our national elections are very important, and I don’t see how we can continue as we are but most important is the spiritual awakening needed even in our “solid” churches which far too many people are still just going to church but not vitally connected to the Savior. If you know someone who could use some encouragement from an “everyday” person, you can give them my weblog site address or forward this to your facebook page. While some may think we bloggers get paid, this bloggers only pay is the satisfaction of encouraging people.

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