Forty Days of Prayer IX

Sorry, I missed yesterday.  My head was exploding by the time I returned home from attending parent/teacher conference with a client.  For those of you who are new readers, I tutor.  My students are all part of the public education system.

This leads me to rant a little today.  I am very serious, however, about praying for this election.  There are so many serious changes that need to be made to make our country more productive and less dependent.  The election is not all about the President.  It is about all elected officials and that starts on the local level, with school boards and city mayors.

One of the school districts in my county is really heavily involved in the 21st Century learning.  I have studied it on-line and am amazed that the schools who participate in this program are standing in the place of parents far too much.  Why?  I think I know the answer.  It is called the “fractured family.”  Sadly, the term has now become a new normal.  Moms work all day, come home to laundry, cooking, cleaning, and homework.  There is very little family participation with the homework.  If Mom asks, “Did you do your homework?” and never double checks, then that leads to the temptation of a child just sliding by the parameters.  The sliding by becomes a bad habit.  Now, the schools step in and try to change a character habit.  The correction should start at home in the first place.  The schools themselves build lives that are on time, clean, and dependable just by making assignments and guidelines.

Schools should be kept at a local level with little or no intervention from the federal level, in my opinion.  If the family is a single-parent family, well, then adjust!  Make priorities.  Parent-child relationships are far more important. Every effort can and should be met at the local level.  Schools have taken over where church should be stepping in.  It is not the schools responsibility to provide social activity.  Strong homes and neighborhoods can and should be doing that.  Extracurricular activities should not be run with tax dollars.  Somehow, Christian schools manage to stay inside budget, still have sports and music, and are usually ahead of public education.

Part of the high cost in education is coming from transportation and the high price of fuel.  Bus drives are difficult to keep because the children are unruly and produce traffic hazards, and on and on and on.

We need to pray for the families of America.  There’s the heartbeat.  A return to old-fashioned family standards would actually be progress.

As an aside, and off topic:  I am not gloating, but confess I am pleased, over the Romney-Obama debate from Oct. 3.  Mr. Romney did an admirable job in answering the questions.  I am glad for him.  I also prayed for him during the debate that God would give him clarity of mind and gentlemanly delivery.  I believe God replied.  It was God, folks, it was God’s doing and while many were stunned, I was not surprised.  I do not believe that Mr. Obama will do anything to curb the immorality of abortion in our country.  It is a curse to our nation.  If we can see more conservative leadership in our country, at least abortion can be curbed and better regulated.  In the last six years Congress has regulated everything imaginable and the EPA is more interested in some little fish in California than they are in the innocent lives that are aborted every month.  Well, that was rant number two.




  1. Glenda

    AMEN!!! Preach it, Sister!! I have a Facebook friend, whom I do not know personally, whose children are students in Monroe County, TN. He is currently trying to get the school board to act on a complaint of bullying by a bus driver. This bus driver allegedly did or said something to one of his children, and the board is telling him that they’re working on the case, but it’s been going on for over a month, with no action. The comments from his local friends indicate that they need some other adult on the buses to keep the children in control so that the driver can concentrate on driving. Well, let me tell you, I rode a bus for the entire 12 years of elementary/high school, and there was very little misbehavior from the students OR the drivers! I realize that I’m a bit of a fossil, but our families have become so diverse and fractured that many children have learned how to play one parent against another to get their own way, and there is little respect shown to ANY adult.

    I have a friend whose young son was getting poor grades in public school. She transferred him to a Christian school, and he is now making great progress. I think that, when the pocketbook is actively involved, the parents frequently are more interested in what their children are doing; therefore, the work is better and the attitudes follow along.

    Well, I didn’t mean to add another rant!! You are very correct—we MUST pray for our families, as that is the foundation for our children. Too many of those precious children do not have a sturdy foundation, either at home or at church. I don’t expect to be around to see what the next generation becomes, but Heaven help us all if somebody does not wake up!!! Thanks for the use of your soapbox! 🙂

  2. I have a BIG soapbox so you hop on anytime you wish Glenda!

    • Glenda

      Thanks!!! There are a lot of things that I feel very strongly about, and this is one of them. I’m so thankful that both of our children are married to Christian people, and that our three grandsons are being brought up with some REAL standards to guide them through the temptations that they will undoubtedly face. They are being homeschooled, so we know what’s being poured into their sponge-like brains, but there are so many outside influences that are stronger than they used to be, plus the burden they will have to help our nation get over this debt!! No wonder the teen suicide rate is so high….

      • Alyson Mcgee

        Karyl I am not for abortions.I had 7 miscariages during 7 years of my life.But praise God I have been blessed with 2 miracle children.The joys in my life.

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