Forty Days of Prayer XII

Time is marching on–before we know it, Nov. 6, will be here.  Yesterday I gained a job at the polls so that will be a long, long, long day!  6 to 6.  I accepted, and then, here’s the best news, learned that it is a paid position!

Heavy-hearted, that would describe me at the time of writing. I find myself sighing while doing routine tasks.  This election burden is something that has struck me very seriously and I don’t get it off my mind.  Saturday evening I tried to enjoy a meal with my daughter’s family, and although I joined in conversation, and tried to cast my burden under something for just a little while, I looked at my little granddaughter and wondered what America holds for her if we do not stem the tidal wave of terrible division in our country.

So, as you pray the next couple of days, pray with me about the division.

**  The Republican party is divided over the election of Todd Akin.

That is disturbing.  The “establishment” republicans are causing it.  At least pray for Mr.   Akin who is the target.

**  The HHS Mandate is disturbing.  It is tearing away, piece by piece, religious freedom.\

**Political ads are disturbing.  Why must they be so demeaning?  When I commented in complaint on a Facebook friend’s post that I was very surprised to see political advertising between innings in the NLDS game last night, my facebook  friend aptly replied:  “I can’t take it either Karyl, it will be so much better for our country when the elections are over, not sure the hatred will cool or heal. This is the most divided our nation has ever been, that’s been part of the Obama agenda, to teach the poor to hate the rich, blacks hate the whites, so called war on women, everything is meant to divide (and conquer). It tears me up to see it happening.”

It tears me up too. I am not a priest, or a minister, but I weep, as in Joel 2:17 “. . . spare thy people, O Lord, and give not Thy heritage to reproach, that the heathen should rule over them:  wherefore should they say among the people, Where is thy God?”   When the enemy lies within, it still should be knocked down, fearlessly challenged. Mostly, I’d like to see remorse and repentance.






  1. Glenda

    Of course, I am with you on this, Karyl. The most important thing that our dear nation needs to do now is to somehow return to God. I have been distressed by the language and attitudes of supposed “Christians,” who will stoop to cursing and using God’s name in vain as they adamantly express their opinions. Lord, please help us who bear your Name, that we might not bring disrespect to it. The lost in the world need to see that there is something special about being a Christian, and if we have any hope of a better USA for our grandchildren, we MUST show others what Christianity is all about.

    • Thank you. I am deeply concerned that folks in my own congregation seem reticent to even talk about the state of our country. Deeply concerned.

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