Listen to His Voice

I named this blog The Shepherd’s Presence for a reason.  It was not just a classy or catchy title.  It is to make aware that we need to stop our hustle and bustle lives and remember we quietly walk in the presence of Jesus, our Shepherd.  I liked the brief “Up Words” by Lucado this moring and want to share it with you.  It is taken from one of his books.  If you have never read a Lucado book, please do so first chance!

Listen to His Voice — by Max Lucado:

There are a lot of lying voices that make “noise” in our world!  You’ve heard them.  They tell you to swap your integrity for a new sale.  To barter your convictions for an easy deal.  They whisper.  They woo.  They taunt.  They flirt.  They flatter.

“Go ahead, it’s okay.”  “Just wait until tomorrow.”  “Don’t worry, no one will know.”

The voices of the crowd!  The world rams at your door.  But Jesus taps at your door.  Scripture says, “the sheep listen to His voice.” (John 10:2-4) The mark of a disciple of Jesus is the ability to hear the Master’s voice.

Which voice do you hear?  Let me state something important.  There’s never a time Jesus is not speaking.  Never a place in which Jesus is not present.  Never a room so dark, that the ever-present, ever-pursuing Jesus is not present.

Never!  If we will but listen to His voice.

From In the Eye of the Storm




  1. Glenda

    This reminds me of an OLD hymn called “The All-Seeing Eye.” The phrase “there’s an all-seeing eye watching you” is repeated several times throughout the song. Then, there’s the little children’s song that says, “O, be careful, little (eyes, hands, feet, mouth, etc.), because there’s a Father up above Who is looking down in love!” Yes, we need always to be careful when the world beckons us to do things that God would not approve. Thank you for this reminder today, Karyl!

  2. We sure do take a lot of time to listen to the voices of everyone else! Love Lucado’s writing.

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