The Fallen

40 Days of Prayer, XIV– Election day, Nov. 6, is 23 days away.

Yesterday afternoon it occurred to me that Vice President Biden was getting too much attention.  Yes, I disapproved of particularly of his laughter throughout the debate last Thursday.  His condescending attitude and attack to defend the actions in Libya were appalling.

What’s worse?  It is only J. Christopher Stevens who is repeatedly mentioned as slain in that terrorist attack.  The other “three Americans” are not mentioned by name.  Well, at least I had quite a search finding the names.

That was a mere month ago, although some news reporters are already acting as if it is old news.  Consider this:  the terrorist attack lasted for approximately five hours.  That had to have been an agonizing five hours.

So, today, please pray for the families of: J. Christopher Stevens, Matt DeLuca, Sean Smith, and Glen Doherty.

Their lives were cut dreadfully, horribly, short.

And Vice President Biden disrespectfully laughs.



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  1. Glenda

    Yes, our media conveniently “lose” many of the facts of such an attack, just as we rarely hear of any of the aggression toward Israel, only the acts of the Israelis as they fight to keep what is already theirs by divine appointment. It’s no wonder people are confused, as they are given only one side of a story, and not even a complete side, at that. Thank you for posting the names of those other “three Americans.” Their families, I’m sure, pray for peace and comfort daily.

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