SEAL Team Six, book review


By Howard E. Wasdin and Stephen Templin

Copyright, 2011 by Blackstone Audio Books

with arrangements with St. Martin’s Press


Unlike most of the stuffy reviews I found on, I found this book fascinating.  The audio version was perhaps less tedious because it is easy to multitask and listen to a book.  The listener is less apt to pick out loose sentence structure or find it difficult to follow.  I give it at least 4.5 stars.  Why the half star?  Because I did not appreciate the “sailor language” used too frequently.  However, Mr. Wasdin never did use the Lord’s name incorrectly.

Unlike other readers, I did not find him braggadocios.  After all, it is his story and he can tell is any way he wants to.  After the SEAL team takedown of the pirates off the shore of Somalia in 2009, it became apparent to me that I knew very little about any of our military Special Forces units. The internet is a handy way to find information so I researched it there, and busy with other things, decided to be content with the smattering I learned.  Black Hawk Down was fiction so I wasn’t interested.

I found this book in the biography section of the audio books at my public library.  Checking it out my thought was that if I didn’t care for it, it was not expense to me.  The first disk hooked me.  I listened, stopped, digested, and went back.  It doesn’t matter to me what drives these men to excel to the top, we need them.  They are smart and dedicated.

Politically, Wasdin probably makes some folks angry.  Had the authorities in the State Department had enough nerve to take down terrorism in the 1990’s we might still have the Twin Towers today.  Wasdin never says that, but I did use my powers of inference to detect that fact.

I do not recommend this book to readers who will be offended at sailor talk.  Yet, I continued the book because the story was worth the sometimes inappropriate language.  It does take a mature mind to digest the story and come away with something solid.  For those who want to understand the work and character of SEALs, I recommend fiction by Dee Henderson in her four-book series called Uncommon Heroes.  For those not faint of heart, I recommend the real story told in SEAL Team Six.


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