The Risk

Chronicle XV in the 40 days of prayer venture.

Last night I took more time than usual to pray for our Nation as well as for the Presidential debate that was airing simultaneously.  In the afternoon I had prepared several subjects with which to approach the Throne of God.  (Let me give you a hint:  use quarter sheets of paper so that the requests can be easily viewed and rotated from top to bottom.)

Before long, I carried my three little granddaughters in petition to God.  They range in age 6, 4, and 2.  What is the risk that if the sweep of immorality is not stopped that they will not enjoy rearing a family of several children if God should see fit for that to happen?  My heart was heavy with the thought.  Alarmist I might be, but I see on the horizon of a socialist government looming the element of population control.  Never, never, never do I want that for my precious little granddaughters.

Today the organization, OneCry, posted a challenge to personalize Isaiah 64 so I did that this afternoon.  Try it.  Your heart will be humbled, sin made apparent, confession made, and a heartcry for those who do not know Jesus as personal Saviour.

The risk of NOT praying is too high.  The risk of little girls who need to dream of becoming mama’s while they play dollies.  The risk of souls lost and doomed to a Christless eternity even though they are now mocking God.  Only as Christians cry out to God will the mocking and sneering stop.  Our little girls can dream of becoming mothers with a purpose.



  1. Glenda

    While I have no granddaughters, I do have three grandsons who hope to be daddies one day. Our nation is in great peril if we do not ask for God to intervene and stop the waves of immorality that are storming our shores now, as well as the creeping socialism that threatens our very freedoms which we hold so dear. Yes, we MUST lift up our people and our leaders, as well as baring our own souls for God’s scrutiny. Revival must begin with one person!

    • I didn’t mean to leave out the boys, as I have seven grandboys. My heart was so broken for a future of socialistic moves. Each of them love their doll-babies. On the flip side, I want each of them to know how to hunt safely if they wish, and how to successfully use their kill. Fishing is better though!

  2. Roe

    Thanks for the prayers they are sacred, precious and appreciated.

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