40 days of Prayer, XVII

This is short, and off-the-cuff.  I seldom compose on this site, but on a Word document which I edit, copy, and paste here.  Not today.

Since I am still experiencing side effects of an anti biotic for my tooth which decided to trouble me while I also had the virus going around, I am still staying out of public today.  Casually watching some morning news, I saw long lines of early voters in Indianapolis.  So, today I am asking God to give control and wisdom over the early voters from now until Nov. 6.  While I know God is all controlling, I also know He listens to the voice of humble people who plead not only on their behalf, but on His behalf.  Remember when Abraham called out on behalf of Sodom?  God promised that He would show mercy if 50 righteous people could be found, then 40 and on down to 10.  Sadly, not even 10 righteous people could be found.  Lot, his wife, and daughters did not even represent 10 people, but they were given the opportunity to escape.  Even then, Lot’s wife met her end in a pillar of salt!  The event is recorded in Genesis 19.

My prayer is that God will find enough righteous people in America who will honor His name, and pray and work for revival AFTER the election, that we will be spared.

I also watched a documentary produced by the Tea Party called, “The Determinator” that I recommend people watch before they vote.  Those in America who are so entitlement driven need to understand that this Affordable Health plan is also planning for the sickest and weakest among us NOT be treated.  Look into IPAB and you will see the carrying out of the philosophy of Godless Americans who have been proposing such healthcare as early as 1949.  That is a subject for another day, however.



  1. Glenda

    I am indeed praying for God’s guidance as well as His protection, as I have heard many statements from people who are planning riots if their candidate is not elected. This, to me, is MOST ungodly, and I am praying that He will lead as He sees fit. I know our nation has many lessons to learn, but I also know that God is merciful and long-suffering, not willing that any should perish. Early voting begins at the Seymour library on the 25th, and we expect to be there, as I don’t foresee anything changing our minds before Nov. 6. Health care has been scary for a long time, and I’m just wondering how things will play out when I reach my final days on earth. Some of these proposals are not pretty at all! Oh, well….someone once said, when receiving death threats, “You can’t threaten me with Heaven!”

  2. Can’t threaten me with Heaven, most often credited as coming from John R. Rice, although I think it was someone else whose name refuses to budge out of my 1943 processor right now. What really bothers me is that men, like Ezekiel Emmanuel who was a chief consultant on the Affordable Health Act (Obamacare) also wrote a document of note called “The Complete Life System” in which he renders only those who can contribute to society (in his opinion, not the family or friends involved) should receive medical assistance. Babies up to 28 days are involved. It is downright satanic. After studying some of this stuff today, I am convinced that the title, “Affordorable Care Act” is called that because the only way the national health program can work in a country drowning in debt can do that, is to subtract the ill and unproductive whether in mind or body.(yes, the mentally inept) And that is exactly what Hitler set out to do, calling the Jews as a whole population, unfit. God help us, and I mean that prayerfully and sincerely.

  3. Glenda

    I totally agree…. God is not pleased with that way of thinking!

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