The first time I voted. . .

Chronicle XVIII — pray before you vote, every time you vote.

How memorable was the first time you voted?  Do you remember it well, or is it a fuzzy memory?  What issue persuaded you to vote?

The twenty-sixth amendment was not yet in effect when I first voted.  So, I was 21.  My father was always a concerned voter and he and my mom sometimes voted against each other.  That didn’t seem to stop either of them.  He’d come home and grin saying “Well, I cancelled your mother’s vote.” and seemed satisfied.

I went to a country school with all 8 grades in one room (and I am not yet 100 years old!).  Our teacher, Mrs. Jenks, held a mock election in 1952.  We elected ‘Ike” and as I recall, it was a 100% vote.  Our neighborhood of farmers really didn’t care much for the other guy.  It may well have been the beginning of my interest in elections, however, and for that I thank Mrs. Jenks.  Eisenhower served as my President until I graduated from high school.

One thing I can say for sure:  I have never gone to the polls with a flippant attitude.  Nor have I gone to the polls with a defiant attitude.  I have always voted on personal principles derived from my conservative thinking dad, and later, from the Bible.  Those principles are found on the pages from Genesis 1:1 to Revelation 22:21.  Biblical principles guide my life and they will be guiding me when I enter the voting booth on November 6.

No other election in my memory spanning from my first vote for Goldwater (no snickering please) to this year has been prayed over and considered more.

Thousands of Americans are praying about this election.  Are you one of them?


Postscript:  I missed voting in one election because I neglected to register in South Carolina.  Didn’t vote for Nixon.  As I look back, there wasn’t much choice and Nixon didn’t turn out very well.  But that’s no excuse for my negligence in not registering.




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  1. Glenda

    Well, I am your age, so I was also 21 when I first voted. I don’t particularly remember whom I voted FOR, but I do remember that I was voting AGAINST the incumbent, who, if I recall, was LBJ. I just didn’t like his attitude! At the time, I was living in Knoxville, and the people who were sharing their home with me (long story) made sure that I got to the polls. I have never missed a presidential election, and hope that I won’t ever have to miss one, because I believe it’s our duty, as well as our privilege, to make our wishes known. These days are just too perilous to pass up a chance to speak up for what we believe is right!! Oh, and I remember those Eisenhower days, too. Sure do wish we could get some REAL statesmen to run these days…. 🙂

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