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Good news on Israel’s southern border today: In a strange but welcome twist, the government of Egypt stepped in last night and actually persuaded Hamas and other pro-Iran terror groups to cease their fire of rockets and mortars against Israel. Could the truce be broken? Yes. Could Hamas and the other terror groups change their mind? Yes. But for now, things are mostly quiet again. This is positive but surprising on several levels.

  • First, the new Egyptian government is run by President Mohamed Morsi, a Muslim Brotherhood leader closely allied with Hamas (which itself is a branch of the Egyptian Brotherhood).
  • Second, Morsi has called for jihad against Islam’s enemies, including Israel.
  • Third, on October 19th, Morsi was seen on Egyptian television saying “amen” at a sermon by a radical Egyptian cleric who prayed for Allah to drive the Jews out of Israel. “Oh Allah, deal with the Jews and their supporters,” the cleric prayed. “Oh Allah, disperse them…

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