The One Cry Prayer Summit

Chronicle XXI in the Forty Days of Prayer Venture.

Conversations with God date back to Adam and Eve.  God spoke with them in the Garden of Eden.  From the lines of Genesis 3, it appears to me that it was a habitual event.  Later, Adam must have set an example of worship at an altar because Cain and Abel knew to also build altars.  Those habitual conversational times with God is known as prayer.

Last night I took my opportunity to join a nation-wide prayer summit broadcast on radio and through the internet.  Although it is easier for me to set aside time to do this special event because it is just me and the dog, it could have been a family event as well.  Actually, I had a telephone call that I ignored, and a grandson come to borrow something during that two hours.  I just went right back.

From that prayer gathering of groups around the nation whether in churches, civic auditoriums, radio station sound rooms, or individual homes, it was a call to Christians to spend time with God.  While this group is not political in nature, it includes prayer for our Nation’s leadership.  There were some areas of prayer that I had been neglecting that I jotted down in my journal.  Youth ministry needs, and businessmen leadership were two areas I had not put into priority.

I challenge any church-attending readers to look at your church prayer list.  Most of those lists are full of sick people which is okay, but let’s not neglect the sin-sick who move among us.  One Cry is a group with passion for seeing the name of Jesus lifted high and respected once again.  I humbly join them.  (If this link does not work, just type in in the address bar)






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  1. Glenda

    I am really quite thankful that our church prayer list, in addition to prayers for the sick, also includes prayers for all the ministries of our church AND for our leaders, local, state, and national. There is also a section for those who need salvation, those who need jobs, and those who are in the military (listed by name from those who have loved ones who are serving). There is a section of miscellaneous needs, and a one-line request to pray for our pastor and his wife. I am continually amazed by the number of people who have serious situations going on in their lives, and it makes me quite thankful that my situation is as good as it is, even with my little aches and pains.

    Today, I had the privilege of hearing Dr. Charles Stanley in person, and his message talked about being lonely, even if we were not alone. He had some very good thoughts, and he also touched on the importance of prayer in our individual lives. That was a real blessing to me, and I am grateful to the dear friend who made it possible for me to attend the meeting.

    Yes, prayer is an important part of a Christian’s life, and I frequently wonder whether I want people to pray for me the way I’m praying for them. Do I want them to pray more diligently than I pray? Hmmmmm….. that’s one for me to consider often!

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