The Prayer List

On my desk lies a pile of quarter sheet slips of paper.  In fact, the pile is scrap paper others would throw away.  The stack of papers is held together with a bull dog clip.  This unsophisticated pile of scrap paper is my prayer list.  I call them cards if I am talking to other people, but they are actually just quarter sheets of scrap paper.

In my middle desk drawer is a greeting card bottom from a box that perfectly holds quarter sheets of paper.  That box is filled with little notes that remind me of things I need to address in a weblog someday.  When my mind is drawing a blank, I sift through those ideas.

In my top left hand drawer is a stack of quarter sheets of paper.  (I am left handed)  That stack is ready for use.  I take notes on those sheets and throw away when a task is completed, or added to my box of ideas, or into the prayer stack.

Now, why am I telling you about my apparent thrift?  Well, for years and years now, since I graduated from college, others have recommended prayer journals.  Churches hand out prayer lists on Wednesday nights.  None of that works for me.  It is overly organized.  I am a simple person.

Here’s the thing:  whatever works for you, just get it done!  That raggedly looking clipped together stack takes about 25 minutes to pray through.  When a prayer request is answered, it goes in the trash can. (Doesn’t seem right, does it?)  I don’t have to cross through it, put a date beside it, and all that stuff.  Simple.

One more simple idea from the Bible:  I Thessalonians 5:17 “Pray without ceasing.”


**Post script:  my blog site is simple.  No fancy pictures or side bars.  I always hope the message is profound.  Sometimes it is.  Once in a while. Just as I checked this in grammar check, it is 4th grade level!  Simple!



  1. Glenda

    I love simple things, and this is right down my alley! I actually have a little wire-bound notebook that I write the requests in, and I put more than one on a page so I don’t run out of space too quickly. Some of these are long-term needs, and others are needs that have not been updated in a long time. For those, I just ask God to take care of them as the need exists, as some of them are folks that I’m no longer in contact with for one reason or another.

    As for the word “simple,” Theresa and I use the word “easy” when we get together on Saturday mornings to practice an offertory for Sunday morning! Neither of us is quite as courageous as we used to be, and we just hope to do something that sounds good and makes the people think about worship. Yes, easy is the way to go these days, as long as the spirit if right! 🙂

    • For way too long in my life I felt bound to a sheet of paper. I’d lose it, miss place it, and not be faithful to folks who asked me to pray. I wish I’d thought of this years ago! It is not complicated bookkeeping!

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