Stop the Beeping!

My daughter called me yesterday when she heard about the explosion in a nearby housing development.  She wanted to make sure we were all okay.  In a bit of chit chat I asked her about her day.  “Oh Mom, you don’t really want to know.” she replied.

In the course of womanly events, she had set bread as part of her morning routine, and then decided to clean her oven.  This is not an ordinary oven.  It is one of those built in stoves/ovens.  It has all the “bells and whistles.”  She set the gizmo to self clean the oven, and then realized she should not have.  In the event of trying to stop it, she set a buzzer going and it would not stop.  She finally found the breaker for the oven and turned it off.  Ah, no beeping.

When she saw the bread rising nicely—she now had a dilemma!  A very kind neighbor allowed Denise to bake her bread in a borrowed oven.  When John came home, he called a repairman cousin and found a simple solution.  Ah, no beeping; oven works.  I did not ask about the cleaning thing as I thought it best not to ask.

Our lives are filled with a consternation of complexities.  We want to just turn them off!  When we do, another complexity follows.  Sometimes the correction is simple.  Sometimes it is not.  What is important to remember is that even when the owner’s manual does not have a troubleshooting section, there is a solution.  We need to ask the right person.

We expect the Bible to have all the answers.  Sometimes, however, we simply must walk by faith, not by sight. (2 Corinthians 5:7) We take each day as an individual day and put one foot in front of the other.  Doors open, and close.  Sometimes the sky seems grey and foreboding.  One thing we know for sure, God does know the way.  Even as years and years ago Jesus asked the disciples to “follow me” and later told them to “go ye. . .” and they walked by faith.  They did not have all the wonderful promises of the Word of God.  They were writing those promises for us!

When the deafening beeping trouble gets on our nerves, God is waiting to quiet it for us.

Denise had to bear the beeping in order to cook dinner for the family.  Sometimes we have to bear the beeping in order to have power in our lives.  It won’t last forever. It just seems like it at the time.

Post Script:  Grammar check did not like my journalism at all.  But I used it anyhow!  Grammarians, this is not a formal essay.  It is life.



  1. Glenda

    Another great object lesson,Karyl! Thank you! I am also reminded of the beeping on commercial vehicles as they are going in reverse. That should also be a warning for our Christian lives! 🙂 Glad Denise got her bread baked, and I’m envious of her ability in that area. I have never had any luck with yeast breads, except for one simple recipe that does not involve any kneading!

  2. Alyson Mcgee

    I really like the life lessons.Have faith.

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