Update on Thanksgiving Exercise

This morning it was my turn to take the grandboys to band practice.  They practice with Suburban Christain School band by invitation to homeschoolers.  It is a wonderful opportunity for them.  This morning also included Kevin’s piano lesson so I had one hour and forty-five minutes to “kill.”

About five minutes from the school there is the large Greenwood Mall.  I don’t like to shop, as odd as that may seem to most women.  I tend to shop like a man, I am told.  “Find the deer, shoot the deer, take the deer home.”

Instead of the mall, I discovered a little sandwich shop.  I can have coffee, a junior sandwich and occupy a table for quite awhile.  During my time at the sandwich shop, I filled in the answers to the questions listed on yesterday’s blog.  I’ll share one or two of them, then bid you goodby and Happy Thanksgiving.

In answer to question 5.  This year has been tough for me financially.  Soaring food prices, gas prices, and prices on almost everything, I found myself in trouble as May 9 approached.  I had part of my property taxes saved back, but not the entire amount.  I was short about $100.  Just a few days from the deadline, an anonymous person stopped by my daughter’s house and said, “Here, give this to your mother for her property taxes.”  Deb’s lips are sealed and I still don’t know who it was, but bless that person, please, Lord!  Just a few weeks ago my car seemed to be falling apart, and once more someone offered to pay the repair.  Gary’s lips are sealed.  God knows the donor and I trust that God will repay that person’s generosity.  In part, that also answers question 11.

Question 2 is in regard to a friend: Katie.  She is more than anyone could find in a friend.  She seems to know when I need her most and just appears.  Awesome.  Absolutely awesome to have someone like that around.

Now, go make your pies.  I have one to go.


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  1. Awesome Post and thanks for the testimony!!!! Take care and God Bless 🙂 Kenny T

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