Advent is on the church calendar and, in my opinion, should be recognized in the life of all Christian Believers.  At least, the observance of Advent will focus on the Birth of Christ rather than a long list of things to do that have nothing to do with Christmas other than family traditions.  Here is a copy of last year’s December 1 devotional from Our Daily Bread.  I’ll be using the outline in my study at Hickory Creek tomorrow.


est your hope fully upon the grace that is to be brought to you at the revelation of Jesus Christ. —1 Peter 1:13

I believe that all Scripture is related and all Scripture is relevant. Nevertheless, I was surprised when my November reading in the book of 1 Peter touched on all four themes of Advent—that period of time on the church calendar when many Christians prepare to celebrate the first coming of Christ while looking forward to His second coming. During Advent, we emphasize hope, peace, joy, and love, which God sent with Christ.

HOPE. We have an inheritance reserved in heaven, a living hope through the resurrection of Christ from the dead (1 Peter 1:3-5).

PEACE. We will love life and see good days if we turn from evil and do good and if we seek peace, for the Lord watches over the righteous and hears their prayers (3:10-12).

JOY. We have inexpressible joy even though we have trials because our faith is being tested and proven genuine. The end of this faith is the salvation of our souls (1:6-9).

LOVE. We can love one another with a pure heart because we have been born again through the Word of God which lives and abides forever (1:22-23).

Because Christ came the first time, we can live with hope, peace, joy, and love till He comes again. —Julie Ackerman Link

The hope we have in Jesus Christ
Brings joy into our heart;
And when we know the love of God,
His peace He will impart. —Sper

Copied from Our Daily Bread   December 1, 2011


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