The Missing Piece

One of my favorite decorations at Christmas is the Nativity scene.  In our generation (the 60 plus year olds) the Nativity scene in church yards, the courthouse yards, neighborhoods, even in school yards it was not unusual to see. After all, Christmas is a recognized holiday that observes the Birth of Christ Jesus.  Numerous stories and plays, even musicals, have been written to honor the birth of Christ.

Several years ago a friend gave me a die cut Nativity scene.  It fans out but stores flat.  Somehow with packing Christmas for storage it now has a missing piece.  Yes, it is the baby in the manger.  Without the baby, there is no birthday to celebrate.  The missing piece has become significant to me this year.  It demonstrates what so many people do.  They decorate trees, purchase fine gifts, sing songs about Santa and snow—but Jesus is missing.

There are other significant times in Scripture that Jesus is missing!

Jesus was missing when Joseph and Mary traveled back to Nazareth when Jesus was 12 years old.

Jesus was missing when the disciples were terrified in the storm on the Sea of Galilee and he came to them walking on the water.

Mary and Martha fretted when their brother Lazarus was sick and Jesus came four days later; Lazarus was dead  but Jesus raised him back to life.

Jesus was missing from the tomb on Easter morning when the women went to the tomb.  He had risen and now is preparing places for Believers in Heaven.

Challenge:  Jesus is never missing.  He is always under control and never late even though WE might think so.  Remember this:  Jesus loves you with an everlasting love.  His love is unconditional.  We might “miss” Jesus by our decisions, but His desire is for all to believe in Him and then know the assurance of that wonderful place called Heaven

The most important place to store the Nativity Scene in in one’s heart.



  1. Alyson

    Karyl When my boys were 3 and 4 years old, they helped me setup the Navitity Scene in the front yard. They were so very excited.I looked around and we had all the animals, the wisemen,shepherd, Mary and Joseph , but the baby Jesus was missing,I looked in the attic,through the house, and the yard thinking was must have missed placed him.I was at the point of giving up until I found him in my oldest boy’s bed wrapped in his sheet.I asked Jordan why he put him there and he said “he was cold”.So I asked him if we could borrow his sheet and keep Jesus wrapped in it and lay him with Mary and Joseph.He agreed.Sheet is Jordan’s blanket from birth.Jordan gave the best he had.

    • Alyson, that is precious! I have a story I like to tell at Christmas that is from a story collection called “Charlie’s Blanket” where a child carries a blanket to the Nativity scene in the park and wraps the baby Jesus. Your story is REAL life. Thank you so much for sharing.

  2. Glenda

    AMEN!!! Thank you for reminding us of this simple fact today!

  3. Did I make that for you? I need to make a few more…oopppps…sold my saw…sighhh

    • Yes, Kay, you did make that. Actually, I hated to admit I lost a piece of it. Every year I think I’ll find it in a corner of a Christmas box, wrapped with something else. But, not so far. Now I store it in a zip lock bag so nothing can slip away on me! And thanks for signing up to comment. See, it wasn’t that hard. And I saw the email copy. That is way COOL because it comes through with a great big link! Thanks for the exposure. The blog is ONE thing I can still do. I can write via computer whether it is raining, snowing, ice, car is running or not, and it is a way to still reach out and seek to help someone, somehow. So many empty, seeking hearts, aching hearts, broken hearts–and the remedy is found in that well-written Book God allows us to own–at least here in America still.

  4. You are right…people are still looking…most just seem to be looking in the wrong place. I’ll try to see if i can get a new “baby Jesus’ cut for you…actually, I’d like to ahve one of those nativity scenes myself…think I gave mine away.

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