Three Women of Christmas, Part I

Elisabth, Mary, Anna

Elisabth, mentor and friend, Read Luke 1

Luke chapter 1 has 80 verses so it is not a quick read.  As you read it, however, you will be able to observe the following five things.

Elizabeth understood friendship.

She treated family as friends graciously and did not take them for granted.

Elisabth was righteous before God

She was married to a man who served in the temple.  She was in the family line of Aaron.

Elisabeth was barren.

She did not allow her barreness to become bitterness. She used her barrenness to deepen her faith in God.

Elisabeth was unselfish.

Elisabeth took the spotlight off of herself, and put it on Mary.

Elisabeth had a close relationship with her husband.

She showed loyalty and respect for Zacharias.

Probing questions:

Have you struggled with disappointments?    Have disappointments deepened you or deadened you?    Have you developed the art of being friendly?    Are you willing to give up personal time to teach someone else a skill?    Is there someone to whom you can set an example of faith?

Elisabeth is a fine example of friendship and faith.  As Christmas comes closer, look at your own heart, and be willing to make changes necessary to extend an “Elisabeth” personality.



  1. kaygibson

    VERY GOOD….you’re making me think again! STOP IT…LOL

  2. Glenda

    Great reminder for us again! Thanks! 🙂

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