Christmas at Harringtons: Book Review

Each Christmas season I like to read one or two novellas with a Christian/Christmas theme.  My first selection this year was Christmas at Harringtons, and I did enjoy it.  Here are my thoughts on it, and why I think those of you who enjoy a good story might enjoy it also.

Christmas at Harringtons

By Melody Carlson

Revell Publishing (A Division of Baker Book House)

©2010   167 pages also available in Kindle edition

     Set in contemporary Minnesota, this story takes off with an attention capturing event:  the release of Helena from prison.  Arrangements and provisions for the first month are made for her to start over in a new place.  On the bus ride to her new location she meets a sweet, older lady.  They befriend each other and the story moves on but not without unexpected circumstances.

Harringtons is an upscale department store in her new location.  Helena, shortened to Lena, secures a job in the department store.  If I tell you any more of the story, it would spoil it for you.

The book is marked for general audience reading, but it would be suitable for teens as well.  There are teenage girls as characters that lend to the story in substantial ways. Since Mrs. Santa is an influential character in the book, it is also presented in a charming and Christ-honoring portrayal.  I know that seems a paradox, but Carlson does a good job of intertwining the two into a Christian fiction that also teaches values that are important to Christian living.

If I worked in a bookstore, I would place this book in both general fiction and teen reading.  At 167 pages it is a light and refreshing book for the Christmas season.  Some readers would enjoy this book any time of the year.  I would give it four stars out of five.  Check your local library to see if they have it available, or if you have a Kindle, it might still be free!


If you have read this book, let me know what you think.  Just be careful not to spoil the story for potential readers.  Sometimes book reviews on tell me too much!  Be sure to warn with a SPOILER ALERT if you give anything away.




  1. Kindle price now is $8.79. I’m going to try a sample.

  2. This a great blog and very helpful for those seeking a deeper walk
    our lord.

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