The Heritage Foundation

My state representative, Todd Rokita, just introduced me to a Heritage Foundation weblog called, “The Morning Call” and I liked it.  Common sense prevails throughout the blog.  Since I am really not very technology smart, I couldn’t see how to reblog it.

I recommend that you visit

From there one can find the facebook page and “like” it and never miss a post.  And that is my recommendation for today!

I’ll be posting soon on my observations of Jack Hamster.  Watching him gave me many life lessons!

Happy New Year!  With gusto and faith in God, let’s enter 2013 in anticipation of what God will do in the next months.



  1. Glenda

    Thank you for that recommendation. I have “liked” them on FB, so I hope to see what they have to say coming up. I’m sure your observations of Jack will be most interesting as well! I have noticed, throughout my life, that our four-legged friends can teach us many valuable lessons, if we’ll just pay attention! 🙂

  2. Glenda, I have watched several addresses and reports from Heritage Foundation on C-SPAN and have respected opinions coming out of there. They have a deep sense of responsibilit to the founding documents of our county and at the same time, promote personal responsibility. Former Senator Jim DeMint, SC, recently resigned his Senate seat to take leadership of Heritage Foundation. It caused quite a stir. He knew his governor would appoint someone strong to replace him, and wow, did she ever! I heard him at the SC primary battle scene. He promoted Santorum whom I was watching carefully (I still am). I hope you enjoy the page, and if you ever think something is wrong, please let me know. kje

  3. Glenda

    I sure will, but I don’t expect to find anything amiss.

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