Observing Jack Hamster

Jack Hamster aka Jack, is now in the active household of his owner.  I made a few observations of him while he was a guest of mine.  As with most four-footed friends, they can teach us much about life if we pay attention.

According to my journal, the first habit Jack showed me was sleeping in his exercise wheel.  Jack came with a habitat that had the wheel attached to the outside of the cage.  It was plastic, solid, and deep blue.  Who thought that would work?  If I were a hamster, I’d find it a perfect place to sleep too.  Patiently Jack took bedding from the habitat floor one piece at a time into the wheel to make a warm, comfy bed.  His owner had complained about Jack’s habit but on day one, I thought Jack was actually fairly smart.

Here is the problem: Jack slept where he should exercise.  We sleep when we should exercise.  Why do I get frustrated with my own lack of faith?  Probably I have not been exercising my faith enough.  I am reminded of a Ron Hamilton (Patch the Pirate) song.  “Lord, I need You,” the lyrics sing.  “Lord I need You, when the sea of life is calm, O Lord, I need You when the wind is blowing strong. . . “Those lyrics are true.  I need Jesus all the time and the only way I’ll be sure to face life courageously whether winds blow or sun shines is if I am prepared.

Jack needed to exercise so I thwarted him by removing the wheel and destroying his sleeping comfort.  Ever so patiently, Jack rebuilt his sleeping quarters.  Jack did his hamster habit.  God, however, does something different.  When I came to Christ things changed.  I did not struggle to become different.  Paul describes it as being “. . . a new creature in Christ. . . “(II Corinthians 5:17) God’s grace changes us.

I solved Jack’s exercise needs by building him a play yard outside of his habitat.  He had a free-standing exercise wheel and tunnel and room to run free.  I gave him a measure of grace while he did what hamsters do.  I didn’t change him.  God changes us.  Humankind is God’s star creation. God provides so much more for us.  Jack, well, all he has is instinct.

Praise God for His abundant mercy and grace.



  1. Glenda

    I’m sure you enjoyed watching Jack as he used his God-given “wisdom” to take care of his needs, and you were most kind to create a better plan for him. You are very right that we need to be doing what God has intended for us to do, and He gives us the grace for every need. Thank you for this great reminder.

  2. I love this story!!! Take Care and God Bless 🙂 Kenny T

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