Gary Bauer writes an almost daily report on happenings in the political world.  It is called, “End of the Day” and it wraps up newsworthy items with a Christian prospective.  I’ve been reading his reports now for several years.  He also writes short items on Facebook.  This evening (January 8) he asked a simple question:  What are you asking God for when it comes to America?

It was both a statement and a question. I replied:  for our government leadership to exercise uncommon wisdom.

Out of curiosity, I searched Amazon.com for books with the word uncommon in the title.  The number was staggering!  A total of 3,537 book titles.  I knew I would find a book by Tony Dungy, Uncommon Manhood.  The premise of that book is stepping up above the common.  I also found quite a fascinating book on coffee:  Uncommon Grounds:  The history of Coffee and How it changed the World.  Max Lucado gave one of his books the title, Cure for the Common Life.  Just a different way to use the word, uncommon.

God used uncommon things to reveal His will.  A talking donkey, for instance, gave Balaam direction.  It certainly was uncommon for a young man who did not yet shave to defeat Goliath.  It is anything but common to journey across the Red Sea on dry ground.  That is just a few examples.

So, who will join me in praying that God will give uncommon, unexpected wisdom to our legislators this 113th Congress?

Continue in prayer and watch in the same with thanksgiving. . . “  Colossians 4:2


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  1. Glenda

    I have been praying for that for a long time now, and I’m not giving up!! This post also reminds me of a song by Greater Vision, called “Common Garments.” If you look it up on YouTube and listen, it’s a real encouragement to us “common people” to be used in whatever ways the Lord sees fit. Thank you for this prayer challenge, and I’m not going to stop!!! 🙂

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